Outwell Andros Kitchen Table review: a study work surface for camp cooking connoisseurs

A handy outdoors “kitchen counter”, the Outwell Andros Kitchen Table is great for keen camping cooks and for use in big family tents

Outwell Andros Kitchen Table
(Image: © Outwell)

Advnture Verdict

If you’re the kind of cooking-mad camper who likes to bring everything but the kitchen sink on family holidays, this multi-use surface will definitely come in handy.


  • +

    Good storage space

  • +

    Doubles up as a two-man table

  • +

    Handy hooks


  • -

    The laminate top isn’t fully weatherproof

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Outwell Andros Kitchen Table: first impressions

The lightweight Outwell Andros Kitchen Table features a flat surface that’s easy to prepare ingredients on (and to wipe clean when you’re done), plus a handy fabric cupboard where you can store ingredients or cooking equipment. 

But how did it fare under test conditions for our best camping tables buying guide? Read on…


• RRP: $110 (US) / £88.99 (UK)
• Weight: 4.2kg / 9.2lb
• Height: 80cm / 31in
• Length & width: 80.5cm x 45.5cm / 32in x 18in
• Pack size: 80cm x 48cm x 10cm / 31in x 19in x 4in
• Main materials: Aluminum
• Seating capacity: 2
• Carry bag: Yes
• Compatibility: For summer family holidays in larger tents

Outwell Andros Kitchen Table: on the trails

Keen camping chefs will find their lives made easier by this table, which doubles up as a portable kitchen counter, so you can prep all the fabulous camping meals you’re planning to cook alfresco.

Four hooks on the side of the table enable you to keep kitchen towels and implements handy, and the table is sturdy enough to pop a double-burner camping stove on if you fancy sizzling up some sausages. It does only take up to 30kg of weight, though, so check your stove’s weight first. 

It’s a pity the table doesn’t have an in-built wind break, for keeping your camping stove safe and lit in bad weather, but you could always buy one separately.

Unlike some cooking-specific camping tables, the top of the table will fit two people for supper once you’re done cooking (and the storage bag is removable). But we reckon this table is still best used as a cooking-specific station if you’re making food for a big group and already own a big family table to eat around. It also works well as a storage table for stashing food and kit in the corner of a large family tent

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