Pure Woodland Glow waterproof outdoor speaker with LED lamp review: lighten the mood

This portable camping lantern-cum-speaker is an easy way to bring surround-sound tunes and glowy vibes to your backyard barbecues and festival camping

Pure Woodland Glow waterproof outdoor speaker with LED lamp
(Image: © Future)

Advnture Verdict

Great sound quality and a dimmable light make this easy-to-carry lantern/speaker a great way to set the mood at your next outdoor gathering


  • +

    Great sound quality

  • +

    Dimmable LED light

  • +

    Doubles as a power bank

  • +


  • +

    Long battery life

  • +

    Sturdy carry handle


  • -

    Heavy as compared to other camping lanterns

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Pure Woodland Glow waterproof outdoor speaker with LED lamp: first impressions 

The Pure Woodland Glow waterproof outdoor speaker with LED lamp is both a camping lantern and Bluetooth speaker for those who want to set a glowy vibe or add a festive feeling to any outdoor gathering. Roughly the size of a Nalgene water bottle and with a sturdy carry handle, it’s easy to tote along when you’re out in the woods and simple to operate, with a dimmer switch for the LED light and buttons to skip forward and backwards on your favorite playlist.


List price: £89.99
• Charging method: USB
• Lumens: Not specified
Burn time: 14 hours
• Waterproofing: IPX6
• Weight: 800 grams / 1.7 lbs
• Best use: Car camping, outdoor parties, festival camping

Rain proofing means you can lighten the mood if you’re camping in wet weather and though it’s not the brightest lantern on the market, it illuminates the immediate area so you can see what you’re doing when you’re fixing that next camping drink. It’s rechargeable via a USB cable and also doubles as a power bank for charging your phone. Though we prefer the sounds of nature when we’re out in the wild, if you want a robust speaker for outdoor gatherings like backyard barbecues or at a festival, it’s a great way to bring the tunes without sacrificing your best speaker to the elements.

Pure Woodland Glow waterproof outdoor speaker with LED lamp: in the field

Pure Woodland Glow waterproof outdoor speaker with LED lamp

It's easy to carry and operate (Image credit: Future)

I tend to go minimalist when I’m camping, relying on the light from my headlamp and hoping the moon is out to help me find my way around my campsite after dark, however I’ve long coveted the camping lanterns brought to camp by my friends so I jumped at the chance to test out this lantern. 

It’s actually a bit more than a lantern as it’s also a Bluetooth speaker. I don’t camp with tunes or bring amplified music out into the wild with me so I can enjoy the sounds of nature (and nature can enjoy some peace and quiet) but I recently went on a family holiday in the Scottish countryside which seemed the perfect time to use it. 

We go to the same farmhouse every year and it has a very poorly lit outdoor hot tub where we enjoy lots of long soaks after walking all day, so I figured that would be a great chance to put this lantern to the test, and enjoy some ambient tunes while we were at it.

Here’s how it performed:  

Weight and packability 

It’s not really fair to compare this to other camping lanterns, because it’s also a speaker, but it’s definitely heavier than any of the lanterns we’ve previously tested here at Advnture. It’s not exactly like carrying lead weight or anything, but the weight places it securely in the car camping department. 

However, it’s the size and shape of a Nalgene, which makes it easy to pack and transport, while the sturdy rope carrying handle means it’s easy to grab with wet hands.

Ease of use 

There was no need to use the instruction manual for this device. It has a power button that you press and hold, a pairing button for Bluetooth, a dial for volume plus another to dim the lamp, and two buttons to skip forward and back on your playlist – couldn’t be easier really. You can also plug your phone into it to charge while you’re outdoors, eliminating the need for bringing a solar charger along.

Sound quality 

The speaker’s cylindrical shape means that your music projects out in all directions and it’s really good quality. It was a little hard to hear over the jets of the hot tub if it wasn’t turned up, but overall I think the sound is better than my Bluetooth speaker at home.


It doesn’t cast off a super bright light, but it illuminates the immediate area enough to be safe and, because it’s so portable, it’s easy to move around as needed. I love the dimmability which lets you adjust to a really cozy glow and set the mood.

Weather protection 

Fortunately it never took a dunk in the hot tub, but it’s built to withstand heavy rain which is obviously key for outdoor use and we had it out in the wet two nights with no issues. Furthermore, the shape and weight of it combined with the rubber grips on the bottom mean it’s really sturdy when the wind picks up.

Pure Woodland Glow waterproof outdoor speaker with LED lamp: the bottom line

If you’re only looking for illumination in the wild, you can find more affordable lanterns than this one, but if you’re looking to boost the mood outdoors with a sturdy, weather-resistant speaker, you’ll love the performance of this lantern-cum-speaker.

Julia Clarke

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