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Trespass Paddle Aqua Shoe review: a basic water shoe for casual wild swimmers

An affordable slipper-style water shoe, the Trespass Paddle is perfect for taking to the beach or river bank

Trespass Paddle shoe
(Image: © Trespass)

Our Verdict

Cheap and cheerful, beautifully basic water shoe that does the job for casual wild swimmers.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Cheap


  • Flimsy
  • Limited grip

Trespass Paddle: first impressions

Trespass Paddle aqua shoe – your time has come. If you haven’t been hiding under a rock for the past year you’ve probably noticed that wild swimming, lido swimming and open water swimming are all having a bit of a moment. And, if you have joined in with the rest of the nation’s newly rediscovered love for swimming outdoors, you will have realised that the sport requires pretty limited kit – a swimsuit, a changing robe and some goggles will see any beginner through.

We’d add a pair of basic water shoes like these Trespass Paddle shoes to that list of essentials (that’s why they’re in our list of best water shoes). These lightweight, very comfortable slipper-style water shoes are made with mesh and neoprene on top and studded rubber on the bottom to offer some extra warmth in the water and some extra protection when you’re standing on a lake, river or sea bed. (See What are water shoes? for more advantages of this specialized form of footwear.)


RRP: $20 (US) /  £18 (UK)
Weight: 150g / 5.3oz
Sizes: 40-45
Colors: Black / Black & Pink
Compatibility: Take these unisex water shoes to the beach, riverside or the pool for a touch of added protection

Trespass Paddle tested in action

During testing we found that the neoprene and mesh meant the Trespass Paddles dried fast and hugged our feet nicely. The neck of the shoe can be adjusted snugly with a bungee – and once they’re on tight, you will barely notice that you have these shoes on at all.

They definitely aren’t the most technical or high-performing water shoe that we have ever tested, but for their very reasonable price tag they’re a fuss-free choice for casual swimmers of both sexes (and a kid’s version is available too), or a nice spare pair of water shoes to get out when you’re off on more relaxed swim sessions.