Where to buy the Garmin Bounce: the best deals on the kids' smartwatch

Mother and child wearing Garmin Bounce watch
(Image credit: Garmin)

The Garmin Bounce is an unusual kids' sports watch – not only does it encourage your kids to stay active by counting their steps and monitoring how long they spend being active every day, it also has mobile data connectivity, which lets you stay in touch when they're out and about.

With the Garmin Jr app on your phone, you can see your child's location in real time and get alerts when they leave a designated area, and send and receive text and voice messages. They can also check in when they reach a certain location, or send a message asking for help via Garmin LiveTrack.

The Bounce launched in November 2022, but it can be tricky to find. If you want to pick up the Garmin Bounce, the only place with stock currently available in the US is Garmin itself. The good news is that there's $10 off right now, so you're getting a good deal even without going to a third-party retailer.

Garmin Bounce: $149.99 $139.99 at GarminSave $10

Garmin Bounce: $149.99 $139.99 at Garmin
Save $10 The Bounce smartwatch is currently on special offer direct from Garmin. It lets you stay in touch with your kids and keep tabs on their location using the Garmin Jr app on your phone when you have the matching Kids' Smartwatch Subscription Plan.

The Bounce lets your kiddo track walking, running, and cycling activities, and includes various games that they can play during times specified by you. The watch also has a school/do not disturb mode that stops it distracting them while they're studying or at night.

In order to use the Bounce's messaging features, you'll also need to sign up to the Kids' Smartwatch Subscription Plan, which costs $10.99 per month,

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