AllTrails launches AI assistant to help you discover new places, and even pick the right shoes

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If you want to explore somewhere new in 2024, but don't know where to start, AllTrails has launched a new AI-powered chatbot to offer suggestions. AllTrails GPT is available through GPT Store, a new marketplace where users can share custom chatbots they have created for specific purposes.

Don't worry, it doesn't make up new routes – instead it gives recommendations from AllTrails' collection of over 420,000 trails based on your prompts. For example, you could ask it to "find me an easy five-mile loop that's dog-friendly within 10 miles of Birmingham", saving you the effort of searching and filtering results to pinpoint what you want. 

You can specify the location where you want to explore, the difficulty level, suitability, length, elevation gain, and points of interest, all with up-to-date information curated by AllTrails' team of experts. 

If you're curious about a particular trail, you can also ask AllTrails GPT to tell you more about it, and offer suggestions to help you prepare – and it's not just for hikes – I asked for an easy five-mile run with nice views within 10 miles of Bristol, and received several suggestions that I know from personal experience fit the bill perfectly.

I then asked whether I'd need trail running shoes for one of the suggested routes, and was told that the trail is well maintained and usually fine for road running shoes during dry weather, but can become slippery during wet conditions, making trail shoes more suitable. The chatbot also provided a link to check recent reviews for current trail conditions.

Using AllTrails GPT to find a running route

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I was also able to ask for advice on suitability for dogs, bike storage, and quiet times to visit. The chatbot also provided details of a Parkrun that happens nearby, including the route and atmosphere.

AllTrails GPT is free to use for ChatGPT Plus subscribers, and well worth checking out if you're looking for some inspiration this year.

Cat Ellis

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