Casio unveils tough, affordable Pro Trek adventure watches inspired by rocks and sand

Casio Pro Trek PRG-340SC-5JF watch with climbing ropes
(Image credit: Casio)

Casio has unveiled two new watches in its Pro Trek line, built specifically for adventurers and made using recycled materials. The pair are part of Casio's Climber line, with features to help you navigate outdoors in all conditions.

The Casio Pro Trek PRG-340SC-5 (shown above) has a tan-colored band and case, while the PRG-340SC-2 (below) is primarily navy blue.

Look closer, however, and you'll see that each one has speckles of different colors in both the bezel and the Durasoft silicone strap. This is due to the use of recycled materials. Casio warns that this may result in an uneven texture, but that's part of the rugged charm, which resembles stone or sand.

Rather than virgin petrochemicals, each watch's strap and case are made using bioplastics, which are derived from materials like castor beans.

Casio Pro Trek PRG-340SC-2 watch on man's wrist

(Image credit: Casio)

As Casio fan site G-Central explains, all three watches feature solar charging, and a tough design that's water-resistant to 100m, and functions at temperatures down to -10°C.

Each watch has a rotating bezel marked with cardinal directions, plus a digital compass as part of Casio's triple sensor bundle (which also measures barometric pressure/altitude, and temperature). The digital compass is displayed on the upper portion of the dual-layer LCD display, while the date and time are shown on the lower layer. 

You also get a 1/10 second stopwatch, timer, five programmable alarms, world time for 48 cities around the world, and sunrise/sunset time display.

The PRG-340SC-5, PRG-340SC-2 and PRG-340SC-5 are available to pre-order now from Amazon for $250, ready for dispatch on April 1. That's significantly cheaper than most Pro Trek watches, which usually have a list price of $280-$350.

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