Enraged moose lunges at unlucky skier in Colorado

Moose standing in snow, Colorado, USA
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A skier in Colorado had a narrow escape recently when a moose lunged and tried to knock him to the ground. His GoPro camera captured the close call, and the resulting footage (which you can watch below) shows just how close he came to being trampled by the 800lb animal.

The skier, Bjorn Aberg, shared the video on TikTok without comment, and commenters questioned why he came so close to the moose in the first place. Looking at the terrain, it's possible that Aberg may have been trying to avoid tree wells.


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Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) warns anyone adventuring in the state that moose can be extremely defensive if they or their young are threatened. They have very few natural predators, and therefore don't fear humans as much as other large game animals, and often approach out of curiosity.

They are spectacular animals, with males (bulls) weighing up to 1,000lb, but it's safest to give them plenty of space and enjoy watching them from a safe distance. Take particular care to avoid animals that are behaving unusually or aggressively.

If you do find yourself in close quarters, CPW advises watching out for warning signs like the animal licking its snout, raising the hairs on its neck, or laying back its ears. If the moose shows aggression or begins to charge, run and get behind something solid like a car, tree, or large boulder.

"While moose encounters with people are quite common, moose cause few problems," says CPW. "However, moose have "treed" people who have approached them too closely, have killed or injured pets or livestock, and have chased people away from territories they are defending. Caution and common sense go a long way in preventing potential problems with moose."

For more advice, see our guide what to do if you see a moose while hiking.

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