Garmin Vivomove Trend will be company's first watch with wireless charging

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The long-awaited Garmin Vivomove Trend hybrid watch has been approved for sale in the US by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), suggesting it will go on sale soon – possible at the same time as the Garmin Instinct Crossover.

The FCC listing was spotted by Go Android, who noted that the new device has the ID A04224, but is mentioned by name in the antenna specification document (possibly an oversight by Garmin or the regulator).

The documentation also reveals that the Vivomove Trend will have wireless charging (see screengrab below). All previous Garmin wearables have been charged via a proprietary USB cable, so this is a big change, and will hopefully be a sign of things to come for future watches.

Table from FCC testing of wireless charging for Garmin Vivomove Trend watch

(Image credit: Garmin / FCC)

There's no release date yet, but launching the Vivomove Trend and Instinct Crossover seems like a smart decision; both are expected to be hybrid devices with physical hands and a digital display underneath to show fitness stats, but they are likely to be aimed at very different users.

The Trend, like other watches in the Vivomove series, is likely to be fashion-forward, best suited to everyday wear and general exercise.

The Garmin Instinct Crossover, on the other hand, will be a rugged watch with a dual-layer case designed to absorb knocks and drops. According to info leaked on Garmin's Singaporean website earlier this week, it will even have a mechanical system that keeps its hands in the correct places when it receives a solid whack. 

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