Hiker survives 250ft drop in mountains

Crib Goch
Notoriously narrow Crib Goch ridge (Image credit: Getty Images)

A hiker was told how he feels very lucky to have survived a 250ft fall from a notoriously narrow mountain ridge.

Jake Robinson cheated death when he slipped on Crib Goch in the Snowdon mountains in Wales.

There was low cloud when the 27-year-old hiked the ridge trail and Jake is reported to have slipped on rock, which caused him to fall from the ridge.

Only a month before, another walker had died when they fell from the ridge.

Jake, who is from England, tumbled for 30 seconds and was fortunate to come to a natural halt. He said he was just 30ft from another cliff edge when he stopped tumbling downwards.

A friend who was hiking with him called emergency services and rescuers were able to abseil down to rescue Jake. He escaped with only a sprained wrist. He also sustained cuts and bruises.

Jake is reported as saying: "I just can’t believe I survived it.” 

He also wanted other people to do their research and to be sure of their experience levels before taking on dangerous routes. He added: "They are called notorious for a reason.”

crib goch

The hiker was lucky to cheat death after a 250ft fall (Image credit: Getty Images)

Welsh ridge - and the dangers

Crib Goch is a "knife-edged" ridge in the Snowdonia National Park in Gwynedd, Wales. The name means "red ridge" in the Welsh language. The highest point on the arête is 3028ft.

Crib Goch is the hardest route to the summit of Snowdon.

The national park is known for its stunning mountain and beauty but also has an area that is the focus of numerous rescues every year.

The Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team works around the clock answering more than 200 calls annually, from mild injuries to fatal falls. 

The park averages eight deaths per year, mainly due to two black spots: Crib Goch and the Pyg and Miner’s Track scrambles.

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