Lululemon launches new line of functional, funky hiking gear

Man wearing lululemon Hike backpack and jacket
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Lululemon, best known for its hugely popular running and yoga leggings, has launched a new line of hiking gear that's a little different to the norm. The lululemon Hike range includes apparel and bags for both men and women, and while each piece is fast-drying and packable, the items also have a stylish edge with fresh shades of green and purple, flashes of neon yellow, and modern cuts.

"Our guests have always taken our products into the outdoors, so it was only natural to create a collection tailored to everything our guest has come to love, expect, and feel from our gear, tailored specifically for the needs of hiking," Ben Stubbington, lululemon SVP of design and concepts, told Advnture.

"We created a collection of adaptable pieces – convertible, packable, and water-resistant – intended to make it easier to spend more time outdoors. The collection adapts with unpredictable climates that the summer season brings. Most lululemon Hike pieces are 2-in-1, zip-off, and highly breathable, perfect for those hot summer days and cool nights”.

Highlights of the range include the Convertible Ripstop Hiking Jacket (with zip-off sleeves, a built-in shoulder bag that zips onto the front, and a stowable hood), the Cinch-Back Half-Zip Hiking Pullover (water-resistant and windproof), and the Multi-Pocket Cargo High Rise Hiking Skirt (with a built-in liner, plenty of pockets, and four-way stretch material).

Apparel from the lululemon Hike range

(Image credit: lululemon)

“We created Hike for anyone looking to get outdoors, enjoy the peaceful feeling that comes from immersing oneself in nature and connecting with friends and community along the way," Stubbington said.

“We wanted this collection to be about the functionality lululemon is known for, elevated with adaptable details for outdoor adventures like packable, lightweight layering systems, fashion-forward aesthetic and colours, with abrasion-resistant, highly breathable fabrics.”  

The Hike range is now available to buy from Lululemon's physical stores in the US and UK stores, and from the lululemon US website. It will be available on the and will be available on lululemon UK website on July 19.

Cat Ellis

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