New Yeti French press – take your taste for fresh brew into the wild

New Yeti French Press coffee maker
(Image credit: Yeti)

Just when you thought there was no corner of the camping convenience world left for them to conquer, Yeti have launched a French press coffee maker designed for the great outdoors.

The brand, which has Yeti fans falling over themselves to bag the latest shade of  Rambler cup, or Tundra cooler revealed the Rambler French press, describing is "a must-pack essential for summer adventures".

The Rambler French press comes in two sizes; 34oz / 1L and 64oz / 1.8L, and fans will be pleased to know there's a range of colors to choose from, including Big Wave Blue (a color that launched just weeks ago), Rescue Red, White, Tropical Pink (which landed earlier this week) and Navy.

New Yeti French Press coffee maker

The Rambler French Press coffee maker is rugged enough to take to the beach - just don't get sand in your brew! (Image credit: Yeti)

It uses double-wall vacuum insulation and a Durasip Ceramic Coating to keep your coffee piping hot, but doesn't contain glass, so in theory there's no need to worry about dropping it on rocky ground.

If you're a coffee nerd then you'll be pleased to hear it has an over-extraction valve to create a smooth brew. There's also a twist-on locking lid so you can take your coffee on the move too.

The Rambler French Press costs £110 for the smaller version, and £130 for the larger version, but you'll need to open your wallet if you want the locking lid too, which costs an extra £30 for the smaller size and £50 for the larger size.

Rosee Woodland
Senior Staff Writer

Rosee Woodland developed a taste for adventure at a young age, growing up in a home where camping was the default holiday, and good weather was a vacation bonus rather than a necessity. After bike-packing the length of France in her mid teens with her family, she started to undertake solo forays in her 20s, usually without the benefit of much technical gear at all. Happily, the years she later spent as a mountain biking journalist eventually gave her an appreciation of decent kit! These days she loves a water-based adventure, and is an outdoor swim coach, and a keen free diver. She has a soft spot for Northern Ireland's Mourne mountains, and can also be found hiking and kayaking in Pembrokeshire and the South West of the UK.