New Patagonia repair center opens in London (just in time to mend your winter jacket)

Woman working at United Repair Centre
(Image credit: United Repair Centre)

A new official Patagonia repair center has opened in London. United Repair Centre London won't just help extend the life of your outdoor clothing, but will also give opportunities for people who struggle to find employment, including refugees.

The centre, which opened yesterday in Haringey, was created in partnership with social enterprises United Repair Centre and Fashion Enter, and has room for other outdoor brands to join Patagonia in the future. Three more are due to join within the next 12 months.

The first United Repair Centre opened last year in Amsterdam as a collaboration with Makers Unite, Amsterdam Economic Board, and Patagonia. It carried out 30,000 repairs last year – not only on Patagonia gear, but clothing from brands including Decathlon and Lululemon as well.

Moving away from waste

Fashion-Enter, based in Haringey, is a clothing production company that focusers on high social and environmental standards. It had been faced with the possibility of making staff redundant after several retailers moved production to cheaper facilities elsewhere, but the new repair center will project those jobs while also providing new opportunities.

“At Patagonia, we’re in business to save our home planet. But we know we can’t do this alone," said Alex Beasley, Patagonia's country manager for UK, Ireland and Nordics.

"With the launch of United Repair Centre London, we are looking to dramatically scale our impact and empower other clothing companies to move away from disposability and waste, and weave circularity into their business models.”

Cat Ellis

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