Polar lgnite 3 sports watch arrives with new AMOLED display and boosted battery

Woman wearing Polar Ignite 3 watch
(Image credit: Polar)

Polar has launched an updated version of its Ignite GPS sports watch, with upgrades including a new AMOLED display and improved battery life. The Polar Ignite 3 is available now for $329.95, putting it in the same mid-range price bracket as the Garmin Instinct 2 and Coros Apex.

The new watch has a similar overall design as its predecessor, the Ignite 2, with a slim round case and minimalist look. However, the bezel is now thinner, and the display is larger, allowing you to see more data on screen at once. The display is now an OLED panel rather than TFT, making it much brighter and more vivid, and improving visibility in bright sunlight.

This is also the first Polar watch to feature dual-band GPS, bringing it into line with rival devices from Garmin and Coros. Battery life has received a boost too, and Polar claims the new watch can last five days in smartwatch mode, or provide 30 hours of continuous sports tracking. That's about average for a mid-range sports watch.

Polar Ignite 3 watch

(Image credit: Polar)

The Ignite 3 also carries across many of the best features from the Ignite 2, including a walking VO2 Max test that allows you to measure your fitness if you're not yet a confident runner, daily workout suggestions, and a Nightly Recharge measurement that shows how well you've recovered from the previous day's activities.

We're hoping to put the Polar Ignite 3 through its paces soon to see how it compares with the rest of the devices in our roundup of the best GPS watches.

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