Watch out, Garmin – Polar is teasing a "badass" new adventure watch

Man checking sports watch while hiking in woods
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Polar has published a teaser for a new adventure watch, which could be a rival to devices like the Garmin Instinct 2, Coros Vertix 2, and the Amazfit T-Rex Ultra

Polar is being coy with details, but a video posted on the company's Instagram account (which you can watch below) promises that we're about to see "the most badass watch" it has ever made. The clip shows two people trail running on a mountain ridge, then cuts to a close-up of a watch bezel showing a ridged button at the 3 o'clock point, with a small silhouette of a person riding a mountain bike.

If you're curious, you can sign up for notifications about the new watch on Polar's website, but we have a suspicion about what it might be.

As Gadgets and Wearables notes, the teaser seems to suggest that we might be looking at a new watch in the Polar Grit series. These are seriously rugged outdoor watches with features like turn-by-turn navigation and advanced training stats and guidance available in the excellent Polar Flow app.

The last watch in the series, the Polar Grit X Pro, launched in 2021, so we're definitely due a new addition. But what could it bring to the table?

When our colleagues at TechRadar reviewed the Grit X Pro, one of their main complaints was the lack of topographic maps, which are available for modern Garmin devices. That would be a natural move for Polar, particularly for a watch built for use off-road.

The Polar Grit X Pro has a color transflective memory-in-pixel display, which is fine for everyday use, but those topographic maps would look even better on an AMOLED screen. The teaser doesn't give anything away, but if Polar can maintain the same long battery life of the Grit X while upgrading the display, it could be a real game-changer for the new watch.

Out interest is certainly piqued, and we're looking forward to hearing more soon.

Cat Ellis

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