New ceramic smart ring fitness tracker launches with half-price offer

Rogbid ceramic smart ring
(Image credit: Rogbid)

Chinese brand Rogbid has launched into the burgeoning smart ring market with a ceramic piece of digit tech designed for 24/7 fitness tracking, and for looking all cool and minimalist on your finger. It's a direct rival to the likes of Oura and Circular Ring, and certainly looks the part.

Although not one of the most instantly recognizable names in the fitness tracker market at the moment (in the West, at least) Rogbid was founded in 2016 with the philosophy “Wear Me Embrace The World”, and has made a certain amount of positive impact with it strikingly designed (and competitively priced) Tank M3 smartwatches.

Made from a microcrystalline nano-ceramic, the Rogbid smart ring is available in four color variants (black and white blended with elements of silver or gold,) and in eight different sizes from 16.5mm to 22.3mm. It is currently available direct from the manufacturer. for $199.99, but a launch offer means that for a limited time you can pick it up for $99.99.

Fitness tracking features include heart rate, dynamic heart rate patterns, blood oxygen (SpO2) and body temperature. In addition, it can monitor sleep quality, track sporting activities and provide information about your body's recovery. The Rogbid smart watch is also waterproof to 5ARM.

Rogbid smart ring

My precious (Image credit: Rogbid)

Smart touch capabilities on the ring’s surface allow for easy control of compatible devices for things like navigation, camera shutter control and music playback. There’s even an SOS function to call for help in emergencies.

The Rogbid smart ring’s battery life is impressive. The ring can carry on working for up to seven days of normal use following a single 60-minute charge, or up to 30 days in standby mode. But if you’re going to leave it in standby mode for 30 days, what are you buying a smart ring for. You could just stick a washer on your finger, although that doesn’t look anywhere near as cool.