See stampeding moose chase cyclist along trail in Alaska

Bull moose in field
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A cyclist has found online fame after a video of two moose chasing him along an Alaskan trail went viral. The clip, which you can watch on Reddit, shows two animals bearing down on the man, who is riding along a riverside path. 

Reddit user u/oceantides, who titled the clip 'Average Alaskan bike ride' when sharing it, told Newsweek that it was recorded by a friend, who allowed him to upload it on his behalf.

Although moose are usually docile, like all wild animals, they can be unpredictable if disturbed. That's particularly true during their mating season, known as the rut, when males gather a group of females (known as a harm) and protect them fiercely from potential rivals.

Last week, a hunter shared a video showing a pair of bull moose locking antlers while a bull elk looked on from a safe distance. The moose were so engrossed in their battle that they failed to acknowledge either the elk or the man taking cover in a nearby patch of scrub.

Moose safety

The cyclist in the Reddit video seems to be lucky, as the pair of animals chasing him seem to lack antlers, suggesting they may be females (cows), which are less likely to become aggressive than males (bulls).

Nevertheless, it's always wise to give moose plenty of space. The National Park Service advises that visitors stay at least 23 yards (25 meters) from moose and elk at all times, and remember that any change in behavior as a result of your presence means you're too close.

For more advice, see our guide what to do if you see a moose while hiking.

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