The Apple Watch Ultra just got a huge upgrade we've been waiting for

Apple Watch Ultra
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The long-awaited Oceanic+ app is finally available for the Apple Watch Ultra, turning the rugged smartwatch into a fully featured dive computer. The Oceanic+ app featured heavily during the Apple Watch Ultra's launch, but has only just become available to download and use for the watch and your iPhone.

Unlike the vast majority of GPS sports watches, the Apple Watch Ultra's hardware is certified to EN 11319, which is the international standard for dive computers. It also features a bright AMOLED display that's easier to read underwater than the memory-in-pixel (MIP) screen of a typical sports watch, plus a large knurled digital crown that's simpler to operate with wet, cold. or gloved hands. The Oceanic+ is the software that completes the package.

Before your dive, the app's Dive Planner lets you set your surface time, depth, and your gas, then calculates your no-decompression time. The app also provides dive conditions such as water temperature and tides, plus crowd-sourced data from other users such as currents and visibility.

During your dive the app records stats including your GPS entry and exit point, depth, temperature, and ascent rate, which you can see on the watch itself or in the Oceanic+ iPhone app afterwards.

If you've been thinking of picking up the Apple Watch Ultra, it's just received its first major price cut at Amazon for Cyber Monday, bringing it down to just $739.

Apple Watch Ultra:$799$739 at AmazonSave $60

Apple Watch Ultra: $799 $739 at Amazon
Save $60 This is the biggest discount we've seen on the Apple Watch Ultra anywhere, and it's surprising to see any deals at all so soon after it launched. It's certainly not the biggest saving of Cyber Monday, but if you've been thinking about picking it up, this is the best price around.

If you're not in the US, here are the best Apple Watch Ultra deals near you:

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