This tiny caravan for your e-bike includes a heated bedroom, kitchen, and even a bathroom

TinyVroum CapsulBike trailer
(Image credit: TinyVroum)

If you like the sound of bikepacking – the freedom to explore further than you could hike, and set up camp wherever you see fit – but don't like the thought of chilly nights in a one-person tent, French startup TinyVroum has the answer. Its CapsulBike trailer is a tiny caravan that's towed behind your e-bike and supplies all the home comforts you might miss during your adventures.

The CapsulBike provides home luxuries like a sleeping area with memory foam sleeping pad and heated sleeping bag (plus an optional rooftop tent for the kids), a miniature camping kitchen with mini fridge, a fold-out toilet, and solar camping shower.

You also get interior and exterior LED lighting, side doors and windows, a rainwater recovery and filtration system, and air vents fitted with mosquito nets. For an extra fee, you can even throw in a video projector and detachable screen for an al fresco movie night.

The TinyVroum CapsulBike isn't the only caravan designed to be pulled by an e-bike (the Hupi Carriage by Finnish company Hyotyadanehovekeskus is one particularly stylish example), but it's one of few that's actually available to buy right now.

You can hitch up your own CapsulBike for € 3,900 (about $4,100) plus delivery, which is pretty impressive considering just how much you're getting. They are built to order, so you'll need to contact TinyVroum for a quote.

Cat Ellis

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