Podcaster captures hair-raising footage of grizzly bear chasing moose at campsite where fatal mauling took place

Grizzly bear in open grassland
The man says he was checking out the campsite for his podcast when the moose came sprinting out of the trees (Image credit: Getty)

A biologist who hosts a wildlife podcast got more than he bargained for during a recent research trip in Montana when he found himself caught up in grizzly bear-moose encounter.

In an Instagram video, which you can watch below, wildlife biologist Wes Larson who hosts the Tooth and Claw podcast explains that he had driven to the deserted Soda Butte Campground to view the site of a fatal grizzly bear mauling that injured two and killed one 14 years ago.

"The gate was unlocked so I drove in. On the other side of the campground I saw the dark shape of a moose in the trees, so I moved closer to capture it with my camera. Turns out I wasn’t the only one watching the moose."

In the video, the giant moose comes running towards the passenger side before pausing just a few feet away from the car to look over its shoulder. It continues behind the car and moments later, a hungry grizzly bear appears in hot pursuit.

The chase goes around the back of the car before the camera shows the pair sprinting down the road, however, Larson reveals that the bear was unsuccessful and ended up dining in a clover field nearby instead.

After the incident was over, Larson says he checked the details of the campsite, which is southeast of Bozeman, and discovered it was the exact place where a grizzly bear and her cubs attacked three sleeping campers, killing one in 2010.

Finding yourself in such close proximity to a grizzly bear-moose chase as it unfolds is quite rare and in this case, Larson did everything right, staying inside his vehicle and enjoying the spectacle through a lens. If you're exploring bear or moose country, always keep a safe distance and use binoculars to get up close. Learn more in our article on what to do if you meet a bear.

Julia Clarke

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