Your Garmin watch is finally getting Morning Reports thanks to a new update

Power settings on Garmin Fenix 7
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Garmin is finally bringing its Morning Report feature to several watches released earlier this year. The feature is currently in alpha testing for the Garmin Fenix 7, Epix (Gen 2), and Quatix 7, and should be rolling out to all users once any bugs have been ironed out.

Morning Report is a handy feature that gives you an overview of key stats when you wake up, such as your sleep score, training readiness, a weather forecast, workout suggestions, and calendar events. These are all customizable through the Garmin Connect app, so you can pick and choose what you see.

It first appeared in a simplified form on the Garmin Lily, which launched back in February 2021, but the current version made its debut with the arrival of the Garmin Forerunner 255 and 955 in June this year.

Several other features from the new Forerunners (such as heart rate variability and daily readiness) have already made their way to older Garmin watches, but as Gadgets & Wearables reports, this is the first time Morning Reports have been available for Fenix, Epix, and Quatix owners.

New activities and tools

The new firmware update will also add support for several fun activities, including sail, sail Race, disc golf, and backcountry snowboard. There's a new auto rest feature for ultra runners too, plus a grade adjusted pace data field, which should help you manage your effort on hilly runs.

The update is currently in public alpha testing, which means you'll have to download and install it manually if you want to try it right now. Members of the public beta program will receive it automatically once alpha testing is complete (find out how to join Garmin's public beta program if you're curious), and it will roll out globally once the company's QA team are satisfied that it's ready.

This is a major update, and the new firmware likely to go through several versions before it's ready for public release, so we wouldn't expect that final global rollout for a couple of months.

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