Huckaby review: super comfortable bamboo leggings with green credentials

Super comfortable and eco-conscious, BAM's Huckaby leggings perform well in any conditions

Bamboo Huckaby
(Image: © Bamboo)

Advnture Verdict

Eco friendly, comfortable and affordable, BAM's Huckaby leggings offer good levels of performance and functionality at a reasonable price – we really liked these bamboo leggings.


  • +

    Extremely soft and comfortable

  • +


  • +

    Suitable for warm or cold conditions

  • +

    Environmentally friendly

  • +

    Zipped back pocket

  • +

    Durable and machine washable


  • -

    Heavier than some performance-end leggings

  • -

    Stretchy around the waist, but not as much around the knee

  • -

    Not as durable for hiking in harsh, technical terrain

  • -

    Not as skintight for some activities like cycling

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First impressions

Nicely designed for outdoor active use, BAM's Huckaby leggings are made from 200g bamboo material (68% bamboo, 28% organic cotton and 4% elastane). The cotton content helps with durability, and the elastane keeps them in leg- and waist-hugging shape.

Although not quite as light as some synthetics (especially when wet, when the thermal properties drop a bit too), as a technical clothing fabric, bamboo is a good performer. It’s naturally breathable, moisture wicking and odour resistant.

Being natural, and therefore biodegradable, bamboo has the added bonus of being a much more environmentally friendly material than man-made synthetics. In fact, the people at Bam Bamboo Clothing calculate that buying one pair of these tights is equivalent to saving 360 days of drinking water (compared to other production methods and materials, presumably).

So, from a fabric point of view, these leggings got a big thumbs up from us. Just watch out for hungry pandas out on the trails.


Huckaby Running Leggings - best men’s running leggings

(Image credit: Ceri Rees)

RRP: $53.80 (US) / £39 (UK)
Weight: 200g / 7oz
Colors: Black / Grey
Compatibility: Trail running, road running, hiking, skiing, orienteering, cycling, field sports

On the trails

If you’ve worn bamboo clothing before, you will know what you’re getting with these leggings. If you haven’t had the pleasure, we can confirm that bamboo is as soft as a baby’s bottom when worn as a fabric against the skin.

Straight off the bat, these looked and felt warm, snug and comfortable. The Bamboo Huckaby’s calf panels help set them apart from the often monotone world of men’s leggings and they are easy to get on or off, with their elastic waist pull. This is useful for a cold winter mornings and evenings, when your fingers are raw with cold. No hopping on one leg and swearing at the dog in a stiff breeze, with these leggings.

They can be used as a base layer, but they’re aesthetically appealing and tough enough to be worn on the outside too, and bamboo’s natural properties mean they are suitable for warm or cold conditions. The zipped back pocket is also very handy for stashing gels or a key.

They seemed perfectly breathable in an English coastal winter, where sweat loss is sometimes masked by the cold. There were no issues to report over durability, although it would be interesting to see how they respond to warmer, more humid climates.

We also love the fact you can bundle them into the washing machine with the rest of the wash without worrying about shrinkage.

Founder of Wild Running and Wild Running Events, and a regular podium-placer at trail running events around the South West, Ceri has a background in journalism. He started and edited an outdoors supplement for a daily newspaper, has written for several national outdoors magazines and newspapers, and produces his own podcast. He can trace his interest in adventure back to when, as a slightly precocious six-year-old, he convinced his cousins and older sister to walk through the night into the centre of Newcastle in their pyjamas for a dare – an escapade that ended in a lift home in a police car. More recently, he became the de facto UK Snowshoe Running Champion when he was the first Brit to cross the finish line at the 2019 World Snowshoe Championships in Fondo, Trentino.