Keela Insect Shield Blanket review: battles the biters while keeping you warm

Keep creepy crawlies at bay with the bug-repelling Keela Insect Shield Blanket

Keela Insect Shield Blanket
(Image: © Keela)

Advnture Verdict

Heading to a climate where pesky biting insects might be a problem? Then Keela’s clever, insect-repelling blanket helps to keep them at bay, and is soft and comfortable to use too. This is a practical choice, but scores less highly when it comes to looks.


  • +

    Effective insect protection

  • +

    Soft and comfortable


  • -

    Not everyone will like the bright primary colors

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Keela Insect Shield Blanket: first impressions 

There’s a clue in the name here: Keela Insect Shield Blanket. If you love camping and hiking in tropical climates or regularly brave the Scottish Highlands in summer, you’ll know that biting insects such as mosquitoes and midges can really ruin the fun of outdoor adventures. A good tent with a mesh inner lining is your first line of defense, but adding insect-proof clothing and an insect-repelling camping blanket to your arsenal can also really help (see also: How to avoid mosquito bites).

Keela’s clever blanket uses Insect Shield Technology, a built-in insect repellent that offers long-lasting protection from mosquitoes, ticks and other insects that can carry dangerous diseases. Keela reckon this treatment will be effective for up to 70 washes, which is plenty of protection, but if you do want to re-treat your blanket after a lot of use, Insect Shield offer a postal re-treating service.


• RRP: £50 (UK)
• Insulation: None
• Weight: 750g / 26.5oz
• Blanket size: 142cm x 187cm / 56in x 74in
• Colors: Red / Lime / Blue
• Compatibility: Take this insect-fighting blanket on tropical camping trips

Keela Insect Shield Blanket: in the field

Besides that clever shielding treatment, the blanket’s fleecy material is cosy and soft to touch, although the three primary colors available are a bit on the bright side and aren’t perhaps as stylish as some of the other designs of camping blanket we reviewed for our best camping blanket buying guide. 

Two sizes of this bug-repelling blanket are available, but we’d recommend picking the larger one for more protection.

This middle-weight blanket rolls up, which makes it easy to store at home but a bit too bulky for lightweight backpacking.

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