The best camping blankets 2023: for coziness during festival season

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When it comes to the best camping blankets, coziness is king. Whether you're at a summer festival or enjoying some time in the great outdoors, having one of the best camping blankets gives you a certain amount of luxury.

What is it that makes the best camping blanket the "best"? After all, a regular woollen blanket from home will surely do the job, keeping you snuggled and warm? Well, the best camping-specific blankets are lightweight, versatile and a real boon to any camping trip or festival adventure.

Like the best sleeping bags, many of the best camping blanket options are stuffed with insulation, while some are crafted from cozy fleece. They are light enough to be taken on backpacking missions and can perform a variety of functions beyond the obvious use as a blanket. From a handy pillow or cushion to sit on to an additional layer over your sleeping bag, their uses are many.

Our favorites among the best camping blankets are the Voited Recycled Ripstop Outdoor Camping Blanket, for its eco-creds and its unbeatable versatility, and the Yeti Lowlands for its robust design. For more on what to look for in a camping blanket, see our guide at the bottom of this page.

The best camping blankets for versatility

Voited Recycled Ripstop Outdoor Camping Blanket

Eye-catching and versatile recycled blanket that triples up as a pillow or sleeping bag (Image credit: Voited)
The best camping blanket


Insulation: Synthetic featherlight fiber
Weight: 1,100g / 38.8oz
Blanket size: 137cm x 203cm / 54in x 80in
Pillow size: 38cm x 38cm x 10cm / 15in x 15in x 4in
Packed size: 36cm x 16cm x 16cm / 13.2in x 5in x 5in
Colors: Multiple patterns and colors
Compatibility: Versatile multi-use blanket for summer camping and glamping

Reasons to buy

Doubles up as a pillow and sleeping bag
Great designs available

Reasons to avoid

The sleeping bag is summer-weight only

If you want a quiver-of-one camping blanket that you’ll get lots of use out of, we’d recommend Voited’s popular and versatile Ripstop blanket. It’s one of the more expensive models on the market, but you get what you pay for – we loved the way the Ripstop doubles up as a comfortable pillow and even as a lightweight sleeping bag. 

This blanket packs down easily into a stuff sack that’s as comfortable as many dedicated camping pillows we’ve rested our heads on. Or you can use poppers along the sides to create a simple but functional sleeping bag that might not be technical enough for more hardcore camping adventures, but is plenty warm enough for summer camping, and makes it a nice choice for festivals. According to Voited, it provides warmth up to around 13°C / 55°F. 

Brilliantly, Voited’s versatile blanket is made with fully recycled materials, using repurposed plastic bottles, and comes in no less than 17 vibrant designs and retro prints (in the US, at least – there are considerably fewer available on the brand’s UK site). It’s also machine washable. 

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The best down camping blankets

4Monster Lightweight Down Puffy camping blanket

Down filling provides delightful warmth without the weight in this water-resistant blanket  (Image credit: 4Monster)
The best down-filled jacket


Insulation: Down
Weight: 460g / 1lb
Blanket size: 127cm x 178cm / 50in x 70in
Packed size: 11cm x 30cm / 4in x 12in
Colors: Green / Black / Blue / Purple
Compatibility: Three-season warmth, and light and portable enough to suit wild campers

Reasons to buy

Warm down filling
Doubles up as a poncho

Reasons to avoid

Tricky to wash

Once you try a down camping blanket it’s hard to go back to anything else – down offers a brilliant combination of warmth and weight that instantly traps your body heat around you. 

4Monsters’ design can be worn as a poncho as well as used as a blanket and on hot summer nights we found it also works as a lightweight sleeping bag. Unlike some other down blankets on the market, this design is water-resistant enough that light rain will bead right off it, so if it does get wet or there’s a spillage, you won’t be left with a sodden mess. 

However, while this blanket can be washed, we’d avoid doing so if possible, as a large down blanket like this is a hassle to dry, and you may need to re-treat it with a waterproofing agent after a wash. 

When the time comes to break camp, the blanket packs into a stuff sack that straps easily to the side of a backpack and also features its own carry strap so that you can sling it on your back for shorter walks. 

Our tester tested the small version, but there’s a medium and a large version available too, in a range of neutral and smart colors.

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Kelty Galactic Down camping blanket

This cosmos-inspired blanket boasts the warming properties of down (Image credit: Kelty)
Best looking camping blanket


Insulation: 550 fill power down
Weight: 810g / 28.5oz
Blanket size: 183cm x 140cm / 72in x 15.7in
Packed size: 18cm x 31cm / 7in x 12in
Colors: Cranberry / Grisaille / Cathay Spice
Compatibility: A packable, lightweight option for summer weekend camping

Reasons to buy

Lovely design
Warm and lightweight down filling

Reasons to avoid

Not all the colorways are attractive
Doesn’t double up as a sleeping bag

Kelty’s Galactic down blanket stands out among the best camping blankets for its fun, futuristic tie-dye design. This oversized quilt approaches a double duvet in length, so it’s good for two people to share and can be popped on top of a double air bed if you’re off glamping

We also like it as an extra layer over a sleeping bag on chillier nights, as it’s easy to tuck in and adds welcome warmth and weight on shoulder season camps. 

Inside the silky-soft but durable outer fabric are pockets of down, which do a great job of trapping warmth in quickly while still feeling pleasingly light and airy. 

Kelty call this blanket “super compressive” – it’s not tiny but does stuff easily into a stuff sack for storage. 

We love the bright, bohemian design in purple (Grisaille) and red (Cranberry), but would avoid the cream-and-brown (Cathay Spice) version, which just looks a bit muddy. It’s also a pity this blanket doesn’t pop or zip up into a makeshift sleeping bag.

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Best camping blanket for toughness

Yeti Lowlands camping blanket

This warm, waterproof and tough-as-nails blanket feels bombproof (Image credit: Yeti)
The toughest camping blanket


Insulation: Synthetic (polyester)
Weight: 2.2kg / 4lb 13.6oz
Blanket size: 138cm x 198cm / 54in x 78in
Packed size: 114cm x 22cm / 57in x 9in
Colors: Alpine Yellow / Smoke Blue / Fireside Red
Compatibility: Car camping adventures with kids and pets

Reasons to buy

Great quality

Reasons to avoid

No recycled material

Two hundred bucks is, we’d agree, a lot of cash to splash on a simple camping blanket. If you do want to invest in the best of the best, though, that might just be the Yeti Lowlands. 

This blanket is large, heavy-duty and ready to take on the elements, with a fully waterproofed bottom layer and a soft-to-touch outer material that’s designed specifically to repel dirt and pet hair. Squished in the middle is a layer of insulation that provides great warmth. 

We found that this blanket is a lot heavier than many quilted designs, but if you like to sleep under a weightier blanket, it’s a comfy choice. 

On test, it excelled when we were sitting on wet ground – no water will seep through, and we were able to just brush moisture off the waterproof bottom when done. 

Ideal for rough-and-tumble outdoor adventures such as fishing or car camping, especially if you’re bringing mucky pups and messy kids along. 

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The best camping blankets for the environment

best camping blankets: Rumpl NanoLoft Puffy Blanket

A lightweight, down-alternative camping blanket that provides loads of toasty warmth in your van, tent or at home on the couch (Image credit: Julia Clarke)
Best camping blanket for eco-creds


Insulation: Synthetic down alternative
Weight: 1-person: 816g, 2-person: 1.5kg
Blanket size: 132 x 190cm
Packed size: 15 x 35cm
Colors: Crisp Fade, Glacier Rays, Playa Fade, Blazing Gaia
Compatibility: Summer camping, van camping, glamping

Reasons to buy

Post-consumer recycled polyester
DWR finish for stain and water resistance
Machine washable
Water-resistant stuff sack included

Reasons to avoid

Relatively expensive
Less versatile than some

Rumpl uses the same technology in this blanket that you’ll find in sleeping bags and down jackets for superior warmth all wrapped up in a soft, cozy blanket. Using 100% recycled materials, this down alternative camping blanket is extraordinarily lightweight but we found it provides instant heat. It does all of this with a smaller than usual carbon footprint.

Though this blanket doesn’t double as a sleeping bag or camping pillow, we were able to use it as a sleeping bag alternative in the warmer months, as well as for picnics and hanging out on the couch watching TV. The fun design makes it a head-turner at festivals too, though you won’t want to get too close to the campfire in it. It might not be flame-resistant, but it’s water-resistant so don’t worry about small spills or tears. When you’re ready to head home, pack it up in its water-resistant stuff sack and throw it in the washing machine to freshen it up.

All in all, its impressive warmth-to-weight ratio, use of recycled materials and eye-popping design make for a winning formula.

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Slowtide Valen camping blanket

A recycled and well-priced fleece blanket that’s good-looking enough to grace your sofa (Image credit: Slowtide)
Best camping blanket for coziness


Insulation: Polar fleece
Weight: 450g / 15.9oz
Blanket size: 127cm x 167cm / 50in x 66in
Packed size: 18cm x 9cm / 7in x 3.5in
Colors: Smoke, with pattern
Compatibility: Ideal for glampers on a budget

Reasons to buy

Gorgeous design
100% recycled
Soft and cosy

Reasons to avoid

Limited warmth
Two people sharing may want to size up

If 'pretty' is top of your wish list when shopping for an outdoorsy blanket, get a load of Slowtide’s gorgeous Valen, which features a reversible fleece design in bright primary colors that will look as smart folded up on your sofa as it will gracing a tent, a tipi or a camper van. 

The Valen is at the more affordable end of the best camping blanket spectrum, too. On test, we found it to be a soft, fleecy blanket that’s just big enough for two to share, but best as a roomy choice for one person. 

This design is also fully recycled – all Slowtide polyester products are made from 100 per cent recycled post-consumer waste, primarily plastic bottles. 

We like this simple and affordable fleece for dry-weather camping, festivals and camper van weekends, but a larger version, the camp blanket, which is also water-repellent, is available for £50, and will be able to tackle tougher camping trips.

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The best budget camping blankets

Trespass Fleece camping blanket

Low-priced, good-sized, functional-but-cosy fleece blanket  (Image credit: Trespass)
Best value camping blanket


Insulation: Fleece
Weight: 350g / 12.3oz
Blanket size: 120cm x 180cm / 47in x 71in
packed size: 20cm x 10cm / 8in x 4in
Colors: Cobalt / Denim / Fig / Heather-Cloaked / Red / TOS
Compatibility: A brilliant budget-friendly pick for any outdoor excursions

Reasons to buy

Very affordable
Soft and cosy
Decent size

Reasons to avoid

Limited warmth

Can you score a decent camping blanket for under a tenner? You can with Trespass’s fleece-y little number. 

This simple fleece blanket is soft, cozy and roomy enough for one or two people to share. It’s easy to machine wash, and rolls up small enough to pop in a backpack when we were on the go. 

We found the fleece to be, admittedly, on the thin side and only offers limited warmth compared to heftier, down-stuffed camping blankets we tested, but at this price, we can’t really knock it – it’s a functional fleece that makes for a nice lightweight layer on spring and fall forays. 

Its affordability makes it handy just to have around the house – other reviewers report using these blankets for everything from caravan holidays to Scouts camp-outs. At this price, you can afford to buy a few to stick in your car, van, tent and garden ready for your next chilled-out evening around a fire. 

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Mountain Warehouse Compact Camping Blanket

An affordable and functional quilted blanket that doubles up as a handy pillow (Image credit: Mountain Warehouse)
Best versatile camping pillow on a budget


RRP: £20 (UK)/$15 (US)
Insulation: Synthetic
Weight: 400g / 14oz
Blanket size: 150cm x 100cm / 59in x 39in
Packed size: 30cm x 11cm / 12in x 4in
Colors: Light Blue
Compatibility: This lightweight quilt is a good pillow/blanket hybrid if you’re travelling light

Reasons to buy

Integrated stuff sack holds a pillow
Doubles up as a camping pillow

Reasons to avoid

Limited warmth

Many of the best camping blankets can be surprisingly expensive – not so Mountain Warehouse’s Compact Camping Blanket. 

Light quilting offers comfy warmth in balmier spring-fall conditions (but we’d pick something more heavyweight for cold weather), and there’s a handy built-in pocket you can stuff the blanket into, making a decent camping pillow when bedtime comes. Or, when the blanket’s rolled out, we were able to put a camping pillow in there for a very comfy nap setup. 

We’d have liked this design to be larger, to work for two people, but at this price we won’t complain. A great option to have handy in your car, camper van or camping kit bag for summer adventures, and the blanket’s pillow alter ego makes it a good choice for long-haul travelling, too. The light blue colorway is lovely but could look dirty quickly.

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Best camping blankets for keeping insects away

Keela Insect Shield camping blanket

Keep insects at bay at camp by kipping under this bug-repelling blanket (Image credit: Keela)
The best camping blanket for protection against insects


Insulation: None
Weight: 750g / 26oz
Blanket size: 142cm x 187cm / 56in x 74in
Packed size: 50cm x 12cm / 20in x 5in
Colors: Red / Lime / Blue
Compatibility: Take this insect-fighting blanket on tropical camping trips

Reasons to buy

Effective insect protection
Soft and comfortable

Reasons to avoid

Not everyone will like the bright primary colors

If you love camping and hiking in tropical climates or regularly brave the Scottish Highlands in summer, you’ll know that biting insects such as mosquitoes and midges can really ruin the fun of outdoor adventures. 

A good tent with a mesh inner lining and the best insect repellents are your first defence, but adding insect-proof clothing and an insect-repelling camping blanket to your arsenal can also really help. 

Keela’s clever blanket uses Insect Shield Technology, which does what it says on the tin – it’s a built-in insect repellent that we found offered long-lasting protection from mosquitoes, ticks and other bugs that can carry dangerous diseases. 

Two sizes are available, but we’d recommend picking the larger one for more protection. Besides this handy bug-be-gone tech, the blanket is cosy and soft to touch, although the three primary colors available are a bit on the bright side. 

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Best camping blanket comparison table
Voited Recycled Ripstop Outdoor Camping Blanket$115 (US) / £85 (UK)1,100g / 38.8ozSynthetic featherlight fiberVersatile multi-use blanket for summer camping and glamping
Kelty Galactic Down Blanket$129.95 (US)810g / 28.5oz550 fill power downA packable, lightweight option for summer weekend camping
4Monster Lightweight Down Puffy Blanket$80 (US) / £65 (UK)460g / 1lbDownThree-season warmth, and light and portable enough to suit wild campers
Yeti Lowlands Blanket$200 (US) / £200 (UK)2.2kg / 4lb 13.6ozSynthetic (polyester)Car camping adventures with kids and pets
Rumpl NanoLoft Puffy Blanket$179 (US) / £160 (UK)1-person: 816g, 2-person: 1.5kgSynthetic down alternativeSummer camping, van camping, glamping
Slowtide Valen Blanket$59 (US) / £45 (UK)450g / 15.9ozPolar fleeceIdeal for glampers on a budget
Trepass Fleece Blanket£7 (UK)350g / 12.3ozFleeceA brilliant budget-friendly pick for any outdoor excursions
Mountain Warehouse Compact Camping Blanket$15 (US) / £20 (UK)400g / 14ozSyntheticThis lightweight quilt is a good pillow/blanket hybrid if you’re travelling light
Keela Insect Shield Blanket£50 (UK)750g / 26ozNoneTake this insect-fighting blanket on tropical camping trips

How we test camping blankets

The camping blankets featured in this guide have been put to the test in outdoor scenarios ranging from camping trips to al fresco evenings spent stargazing, in a variety of temperatures and conditions. 

For more details, see how Advnture tests products.

How to choose a camping blanket

For a seemingly simple product, there are many varieties of camping blankets. Remember that blankets are different to camping quilts. If you're interested in a quilt, see our feature on camping quilt vs sleeping bag. Otherwise, read on for the lowdown on what to consider when choosing the best camping blanket.

Weight and size

You can trust Advnture Our expert reviewers spend days testing and comparing gear so you know how it will perform out in the real world. Find out more about how we test and compare products.

Have a think about where and how you plan to use your new camping blanket before you invest. If you’re going wild camping or usually only camp for a weekend at a time, then small, lightweight models that compress into a stuff sack so that they can fit into or strap onto your backpack are your best bet. Look for lighter designs weighing under 500g. 

If your idea of a good camping holiday is full bells and whistles for two weeks, staying in a posh glamping tent, car camping or camper vanning, you can afford to pick a larger but heavier blanket at over a kilo in weight. It’ll be more comfortable but bulkier to store. 

Most brands list the weight and dimensions of their blankets, so if you want something smaller for one person or larger to fit on a double air mattress, figure out what size works for your before you shop. 

Best camping blanket

If you want to sit on your blanket look for one with a waterproof bottom (Image credit: Getty Images)


We usually recommend picking a quilted and insulated camping blanket, ideally one that uses ripstop material to protect the insulation. These are usually the lightest and warmest blankets you’ll find, and are also easy to pack down into a stuff sack for transportation. If you’re on a budget, simple but soft fleece blankets offer less warmth than insulation but still work well in warmer weather, are easy to stick in the wash and are often fully recycled. If you need something hardy you can sit on as well as wrap up in, look for a design featuring a waterproofed bottom.

Best camping blanket: Kelty Galactic Down Blanket

Make sure your dog approves (Image credit: Kelty)


A lot of camping kit is admittedly pretty boring to look at, but the best camping blankets seem to buck this trend, and often come in a range of bright and beautiful colors and patterns. These colorful options look good when adorning the fanciest of glamping tents, or just thrown on your sofa at home, so you’re likely to get more bang for your buck by picking a good-looking design. Of course, there are more simple, subtle designs in our round-up 

Features and other uses

Some blankets are just that – a square of warm material. Others are designed to double up for other uses. Some can transform into camping pillows by stuffing the blanket in a stuff sack. Other can multitask as sleeping bags by zipping up the sides, or as a poncho, by using some kind of neck attachment. Some blankets are water-resistant or have waterproof bottoms, which will help deal with the thrills and spills of camping trips. The more bells and whistles, the more expensive the camping blanket usually is, but many of them are worth the extra spend if you’re planning on using your new blanket regularly. 

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