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Kelty Low Loveseat review: a sturdy camping chair that's perfect for two

The Kelty Low Loveseat is a sturdy and comfortable chair that's perfectly sized for two campers, even if they’re just friends

Kelty Low Loveseat
(Image: © Kelty)

Our Verdict

Great quality meets great comfort in this brilliant low loveseat, which has plenty of room for two.


  • Supremely comfortable
  • Versatile for garden and party use
  • Great quality


  • Hard to get in and out of
  • Heavy and bulky

First impressions

There’s plenty of room for two people on the Kelty Low Loveseat (and you really don’t need to be a couple to use it, as Kelty say, there’s room on these seats for "two people and the dog") and it also supports a solo sitter without any pronounced risk of tipping over (if it’s put up properly on a flat surface, of course).

The wide, padded polyester fabric is comfortable, dries quickly and doesn’t show dirt, and like the alloy steel frame, looks and feels like great long-lasting quality. The Low Loveseat folds up concertina-style in seconds and fits easily into its sturdy carry case, which clips together around the seat and comes with a padded shoulder strap. If you’d rather go for a single chair version, try the Kelty Lowdown ($55/£49.50). But whether you go for a single or a double whammy, this is a camping chair you’ll enjoy using for many summers to come.


RRP: $110 (US) / £89.75 (UK)
Weight: 7.12kg /15lb 6oz
Pack size: 60 x 112 x 80 cm / 34.5x11x11in
Seat Height: 34cm / 13.5in
Capacity: 181kg / 400lb
Colours: Deep lake / canyon brown / tapestry / Grey / black •Compatibility: Great for camping as a couple or for sitting with mates around a campfire

In the field

We weren’t sure we saw the point of two-person ‘loveseat’ camping chairs – until we tried Kelty’s Low model. We’ve been testing the Kelty Low Loveseat out for over a year now, and it’s come along on every camping trip and been trotted out for every barbecue. Wide feet make the Loveseat sturdy and unsinkable on any surface – we’ve even used it on the beach with no issues. We also like the wide flat armrests, both of which include mesh cup holders (finally, a seat that caters for left-handed drinkers). As the name hints, the Kelty Low Loveseat is low to the ground, making it nigh-on impossible to get up from it without looking rather ungainly – not ideal if you have reduced mobility. (There is a taller version available for a similar price, but what you gain in height you might lose in stability.) Once you’re in it, though, it’s a chair you’ll be happy to lounge in all day long.