Proviz 360 Reflective review: a comfortable, reflective women’s jacket ideal for nocturnal walks

A stand-out when it comes to standing out, the Proviz 360 Reflective is a warm, comfortable and highly effective night-time jacket

Proviz 360 Reflective
(Image: © Proviz)

Advnture Verdict

Light up the night with this highly reflective and very comfortable down jacket, though the Proviz 360 Reflective is best suited to walkers rather than cyclists.


  • +

    Extremely reflective

  • +

    Great hood

  • +

    Very comfortable


  • -

    No info on the origin of the down

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First impressions

You cannot be missed in the (literally) eye-catching Proviz 360 Reflective down jacket, which enables adventurers to stay bright and visible during outings and escapades after dark.

The reflective outer material used in the Reflective collection is coated in thousands of tiny beads that bounce back light and make you very, very visible in any light source (such as car headlights and headlamps), so it is ideal for anyone out exploring at night.

In daylight, the 360 jacket is a smart silver/grey that isn’t shiny, making the jacket easy to wear 24/7.


RRP: £170 (UK) / $236 (US)
Fill: Down
Sizes: 6–18
Weight: 600g / 21.2oz
Colors: Silver

In the field

We’ve been wearing Proviz’s excellent reflective shell cycle jackets for years, so we were pleased to see a warmer down jacket added to the brand’s line-up.

Besides being blindingly bright, the Proviz 360 Reflective jacket also stood out on test for its comfortable long and boxy cut, which keeps more of your torso warm and allows for easy layering.

The jacket is insulated with animal down, which makes it a high performer in terms of thermal insulation, but sadly there’s no information available about where and how this down has been sourced. While it’s not super lightweight or breathable at 600g, it does instantly trap heat and warm you up in chilly conditions.

We tested it out both on foot and on a bike – it’s ideal for dog walking or countryside walks in low light, making you feel much safer when near roads, but it’s too warm and padded for high-energy outdoor activities. Save it for being seen in the bitter cold rather than for more aggressive hikes and cycles, and pick a reflective shell jacket for the latter instead.

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