REI Co-op Trailbreak Self-Inflating Women’s Sleeping Pad review: a robust budget choice

An excellent and affordable sleeping pad, the REI Co-op Trailbreak Self-Inflating Women’s Sleeping Pad is certainly tough

REI Co-op Trailbreak Self-Inflating Women’s Sleeping Pad
(Image: © REI Co-op)

Advnture Verdict

A super functional, very hardy and high performing sleeping pad available at an affordable price.


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    Sleeping surface is soft and not slippery

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REI Co-op Trailbreak Self-Inflating Women’s Sleeping Pad: first impressions

With more insulation in the torso*, the REI Co-op Trailbreak Self-Inflating Women’s Sleeping Pad is a rugged body-mapped pad with an R-value of 5.3 (see sleeping pad R-values explained) making it one of the warmest pads on review in our best sleeping pad buying guide, as well as being comparatively cheap. (*Because this REI – and others – claim, is where women lose heat.)

It is also one of the heaviest, but the foam-core in this self-inflating pad is carved out where women need less insulation, which saves some weight. 

The pad is shaped to work with mummy or rectangular sleeping bags. Distinctly color-coded valves, one for inflation and one for deflation, assists users to set up and break down the pad. 

The Trailbreak comes with compression straps, which helps with packability. This pad is also available in size long (weight: 1134g / 2lb 8oz; dimensions: 72 in x 20in / 183cm x 51cm; pack size: 16.5 x 51cm / 6.5 x 20in).


• RRP: $70 (US)
• Style: Open-cell foam, self-inflating mat
• Weight (regular): 1050g / 2lb 5oz
• Shape: Rectangular
• Variants: Regular / Long
• Dimensions (regular): 168 x 51cm / 66 x 20in
• Thickness: 4.45cm / 1.75in
• Packsize (regular): 15 x 51cm / 6 x 20in
• R-value: 5.3
• Compatibility: 3-season
• Colors: Green Surf

In the field

The most rugged-feeling female-specific pad I tested, REI’s Trailbreak Self-Inflating Women’s Sleeping Pad felt a lot like my oldest Therm-a-Rest… like it won’t ever quit. Paired with one of our best sleeping bags, it makes a winning combination.

The sleeping surface is soft, but it isn’t slippery like some other pads, so my sleeping bag stays put. And the polyester bottom feels like it could survive a night of sleeping in a talus field without a tent, though I didn’t test that. 

REI have curved the corners of this pad, but didn’t taper it for female physiology or to match a bag silhouette, which I appreciate. As a result, it is compatible with every sleeping bag I tried it with, and when I sleep on my stomach with my arms under my head, my body has space to sprawl. 

Most sleeping pads come with a stuff sack. This one also came with compression straps, which helps me keep it at its most compact once I have deflated and rolled it. It also makes the packed pad easier to get in and out of its storage bag.

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