Snugpak Fleece Liner sleeping bag liner review: never mind the weight, feel the warmth

Heavy but pleasingly soft and warm, the Snugpak Fleece Liner is ideal for bitter winter nights

Snugpak Fleece Liner
(Image: © Snugpak)

Advnture Verdict

Warm fleece adds significant cosiness and comfort on chilly nights, but the compromise is a heavy and bulky liner that takes up pack room. Best for car camping weekends and winter glamping.


  • +

    Winter-capable warmth

  • +


  • +

    Soft and comfy


  • -


  • -

    Not recycled

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Snugpak Fleece Liner: first impressions

The thick and toasty Snugpak Fleece Liner is all about staying cosy and warm no matter what the outside temperature is doing, which makes it a winner if you don’t have an expensive cold-weather sleeping bag but fancy some winter glamping or cold-weather camper vanning.

While this is a warm liner, though, you do have to compromise on weight: at 1kg, this design is more than twice the weight of some of the lightweight sleeping bag liners I tested for our best sleeping bag liner buying guide. And it’s bulkier too, so it’s not ideal for backpacking


• RRP: $60 (US) / £38 (UK)
• Weight: 1kg / 2lb 3.3oz
• Pack size: 25cm x 18cm / 10in x 7in
• Material: Fleece
• Shape: Mummy
• Color: Olive Green
• Compatibility: Cosy comfort for winter campers

Snugpak Fleece Liner: in the field

Snugpak Fleece Liner

Even packed down, the Snugpak Fleece Liner is so hefty it would be like trying to fit a football in a backpack, so save it for adventures that involve vehicles to get you there (Image credit: Snugpak)

If warmth and comfort are high on your list of sleeping bag liner priorities, Snugpak’s luxuriously soft offering is a surefire winner. 

This fleece liner is deliciously cosy to climb into after a long day’s hiking, or a chilly afternoon on the water. I found that it traps in body heat nice and quickly, and yet it is still breathable if you do get hot in the night. 

I also love the full-length zip for easy access (unlike some liners I tested, which I had to really wiggle about to clamber into).

On test I found the reassuringly thick and soft fleece also made this a nice standalone sleeping bag for chillier summer nights when you still want a bit of weight over you. Some barely-there summer liners feel too thin on their own, but this design is just like wrapping up in a fleece blanket. You may even find yourself reaching for it while lounging on the sofa at home. In fact, this liner doubles up as a fleece throw or as a casual blanket around camp. 

I also found that the olive color didn’t show dirt up easily. It’s just a pity the fleece isn’t made from recycled plastic. 

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