Garmin rolls out game-changing update for older watches

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Garmin is rolling out a huge software update for several of its older watches, which adds two new features and fixes over a dozen bugs.

Software version 25.00 for the Garmin Fenix 6, Enduro, Marq, Quatix 6, and Tactix Delta is now available for members of the company's public beta testing program, and should be available to all watch owners very soon provided no major issues are discovered.

The new software, spotted by Notebookcheck, adds support for Connect IQ System 6, which improves the way the Connect IQ Store appears on your watch, gives developers more options when they're creating watch faces that you can download, and makes it easier for them to develop apps that work on watches with different hardware specs.

If you find that your watch's battery runs out faster than you'd like, you might appreciate the fact that your watch will also show a new tooltip that suggests switching SpO2 measurement to manual in order to conserve power.

Garmin has also improved the algorithm for measuring pace while you're running on a treadmill, which could be extremely useful if your treadmill can't connect to your watch via Bluetooth or ANT+.

Squishing shutdown bugs

The update fixes some major bugs, including one that could cause the watch to shut down during long navigation activities (a huge issue for hikes and ultra runs). Garmin has also solved a problem that could make your watch shut down unexpectedly during an expedition activity.

Backcountry ski and snowboard activities can now automatically detect climbs, descents, and transition times. Split detection has also been improved for these activities.

For full details of all the changes in software version 25.00, check out Garmin's forums to find the complete release notes.

If you want to be first to try new updates and give your feedback, check out our guide how to join Garmin's beta testing program, and our full list of reasons why you should (and shouldn't) sign up.

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