These new Casio G-Shock watches are a riot of color – and they're available in the US

Casio G-Shock Polychromatic Accents watches on black background
(Image credit: Casio)

Casio has launched yet another range of new watches to mark the 40th anniversary of the original G-Shock, this time with full metal cases and bracelets, set off by a blast of color on the face.

The Polychromatic Accents collection includes new version of two classic models: the digital GMWB5000 (the first ever G-Shock watch) and the analog GMB2100. Both are available in two colorways, with silver or black ion-plated (IP) stainless steel, and purple/blue or red/yellow accents.

The GMB2100PC-1A has a silver stainless steel case and bracelet, with different shades of purple and blue on the hour markers, and green and red accents on the face. The GMB2100BPC-1A is finished in black, with fiery red, orange, and yellow details.

Both watches measure 49.8 × 44.4 × 12.8mm, and tip the scales at 165g. They're shock-resistant, as you'd expect, and water-resistant to 200m. Although they aren't fully fledged running watches, they have Bluetooth connectivity so you can easily adjust settings, set reminders, and set up the 'find my phone' function through the G-Shock mobile app.

The GMB2100PC-1A is on sale for $580, and the GMB2100BPC-1A is $630.

Casio G-Shock GMB2100PC-1A and GMB2100BPC-1A watches

Casio G-Shock GMB2100PC-1A and GMB2100BPC-1A (Image credit: Casio)

The GMWB5000PC-1 (silver) and GMWB5000BPC-1 (black) both have graduated blue/green colors on the face, achieved using vapor deposition to create an even, uniform coating. This is set off by red and blue accents on the digital face, mode indicators, and frame lines.

Casio G-Shock GMWB5000PC-1 and GMWB5000BPC-1 watches

(Image credit: Casio)

They measure 49.3 × 43.2 × 13mm and weigh 167g. They are also shock-resistant and water-resistant to 200m, with Bluetooth connectivity for tweaking settings via Casio's mobile app.

The GMWB5000PC-1 is on sale now for $580, while the GMWB5000BPC-1 is $630.

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