Casio launches adorable mini watch rings, including a G-Shock – but there's a catch

Casio G-Shock watch ring
(Image credit: Casio)

Casio has unveiled a set of tiny rings modelled after some of its most popular watches from years gone by.

The little rings include miniaturized versions of the CA-53WF-1B calculator watch (shown above), the vintage-style gold A159WGEA-1, the sporty MRW-200HJ-1B, the button-strewn A100WE-1A, and the limited edition Casiotron TRN-50-2A, which is a recreation of the company's first ever wrist watch . There's also a sixth mystery model that's yet to be revealed, but as Casio fan site G-Central notes, its comparatively chunky silhouette implies it's a dinky G-Shock.

There's only one catch: as their tiny dimensions suggest, these aren't actual timepieces, and are purely decorative items for design fans. They are made to fit ring size 18, and will be available from capsule toy machines (gashapon) for ¥400, or approximately $3.

Casio mini watch rings

(Image credit: Casio)

This isn't the first time Casio has released Lilliputian versions of some of its most popular watch designs. Last year the company debuted its first set of rings, including a perfect recreation of the classic octagonal AE-1200WH-1A.

If you want to get your hands on the new set, they appear to be on sale from Hong Kong retailer HobbyDigi with international shipping.

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