Casio unveils full carbon G-Shock watch sparkling with powdered opal

Casio G-Shock GCW-B5000UN-6 watch
(Image credit: Casio)

Casio is continuing the G-Shock watch's 40th anniversary celebrations with a pair of new full carbon takes on the original DW-5000C design.

The black GCW-B5000UN-1 and the purple GCW-B5000UN-6 both feature Casio's carbon core guard structure, which protects the watch's internal components from knocks and drops without adding undue weight, plus a carbon monocoque case, and band and bezel made from forged carbon. It's all topped off with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal display.

Carbon has several benefits for watches – particularly its light weight and attractive appearance – but it's also tricky to work with at such a small scale (as Garmin explained when it launched its new Marq Carbon Collection) and prone to chipping, requiring special manufacturing processes.

Like Garmin, Casio has opted for a laminating process for certain parts of its new carbon watches – specifically the folding arm of the clasp, which will be subject to particular stress in everyday use. The case is made from carbon fiber reinforced resin, and the bezel and band are molded.

Casio G-Shock GCW-B5000UN-1 and GCW-B5000UN-6 watches

(Image credit: Casio)

As Casio fan site G-Central explains, at just 65g each, the two new carbon G-Shocks are much lighter than their stainless steel and titanium counterparts, which are 167g and 104-106g respectively.

Looking closely, you'll see that the GCW-B5000UN-1 features a swirling design of black and gray, while the GCW-B5000UN-6 is rendered in purple and blue, scattered with flecks of powdered opal "for a mysterious appearance".

Both watches will be available to pre-order soon from Casio for $2,000, with delivery expected later this month.

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