Garmin launches sleek new Marq watches made from 130 layers of carbon fiber

Manufacturing process for Garmin Marq Carbon Collection watches
(Image credit: Garmin)

Garmin has updated its Marq (Gen 2) series of tool watches with new designs made using layers of carbon fiber, which is super tough, lighter than titanium, and creates a subtle pattern that's unique to every device. The Garmin Marq Carbon Collection includes three watches: the Marq Athlete, Marq Commander, and Marq Golfer.

The case of each watch is made from 130 layers of fused carbon fiber, each of which is made from 24,000 individual strands. Every sheet is manually rotated at a different angle to give the whole block extra strength in every direction.

Heat and pressure are used to align the block with the shape of the watch housing, bending the layers to match the angles of the watch lugs. The material is then machined using precision diamond cutting tools, operated at slow speeds to cut the carbon without chipping it. Shaping the watch housing alone takes eight hours.

Once the cutting process is complete, the watch case is submerged in a container full of ceramic beads, which are vibrated to remove surface imperfections.

Garmin Marq Carbon Collection watches

(Image credit: Garmin)

Each Garmin watch is topped with an AMOLED touchscreen, topped with a domed sapphire lens that's less prone to scratches than glass and effectively magnifies the display.

There are also certain features unique to each device. For example, the Marq Golfer has an optional full-screen mode, which is intended to make the experience more immersive when you're viewing a map of a golf course complete with holes and obstacles.

Each watch comes with something extra to add to the experience, too. The Marq Athlete is supplied with Garmin's HRM-Pro Plus chest strap heart rate monitor for more accurate biometrics, the Marq Golfer includes three Approach CT10 club tracking sensors, and the Marq Commander is supplied with two straps: one made from heathered black woven nylon, and one from black silicone rubber.

The Marq Carbon Collection is available to order now direct from Garmin, with prices starting at $2,950 / £2,599.99.

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