Coros launches POD 2 device to make your GPS watch more accurate – indoors or out

Runner wearing Coros Pace 2 and POD 2 devices
(Image credit: Coros)

Coros has released a tiny device that clips onto your waistband or shoe to greatly increase the accuracy of your GPS watch when tracking runs – inside or out. The Coros POD 2 is designed to solve the problems innate to ordinary GPS devices, including loss of signal or 'bounce' caused by tall buildings and trees, delayed detection of changes in pace, and inability to track indoors.

With it, distance and pace should be measured much more accurately and consistently, even in places where GPS watches would usually struggle. It also provides you with extra running insights, and measures the outside temperature, helping you spot trends between the weather and your training performance.

The POD 2 is available now direct from Coros for $99 / £99. It connects to any Coros watch, and provides enhanced running metrics through its built in barometric altimeter, thermometer, compass, accelerometer, and gyroscope. It's water resistant to 30 meters, and weighs only 5.6g, so will be unnoticeable when you're running.

Man inserting Coros POD 2 into charging dock

(Image credit: Coros)

Its battery delivers 28 hours of continuous activity tracking on a single charge, and its charging dock holds 140 hours of charge (enough to recharge the POD 2 five times), so you should never be without it.

Alongside the POD 2, Coros has released a new Effort Pace update for all watches. This will display your pace on your watch and within the Coros app, and should accurately reflect your true effort, and is more sensitive than previous measurements.

According to Coros, Effort Power is distinct from the running power metric provided by watches from the likes of Garmin and Apple because it becomes personalized to you, regardless of environmental factors.

We're currently putting the Coros POD 2 through its paces, and will bring you a full review very soon. Until then, check out our review of the Coros Vertix 2.

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