This free update will bring your old Garmin watch right up to date

Man using sports watch during trail run
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Garmin has released a new update for several of its older GPS watches, including the Fenix 6, Quatix 6, Tactix Delta, Enduro, and Marq series. This is a stable software update, so it will be rolled out to all users over the coming weeks when your watch syncs with the Garmin Connect mobile app.

The update fixes various bugs and adds a bundle of new features to bring the older devices right up to date. As Notebookcheck reports, the new additions include an obstacle course racing activity, which allows you to log the start and end of each obstacle around your first lap, and will then automatically log how long it takes you to complete each one on subsequent laps.

The algorithm for calculating calories burned while swimming is now more accurate, there are improved voice prompts that play through your headphones during activities, and you can now rate apps downloaded through Garmin Connect IQ directly through the watch itself.

No more crashes

Bugs that have been successfully squished include an issue that could cause your Garmin watch to shut down unexpectedly when you try to select a PacePro strategy, and another that could make your watch crash during strength activities.

There's also a fix for a bug that meant your watch would stay in battery saver mode even when fully charged, and another where some watch faces downloaded through Garmin Connect IQ wouldn't load properly.

To make sure you receive the update, open the Garmin Connect app, select Garmin Devices from the main menu and select System. Scroll down and tap Software Update. Make sure automatic updates are enabled, then tap Check for Updates to do a manual check.

Cat Ellis

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