Friends see hiker torn to death and eaten by bear

It is thought the bear, like this one, may have been attracted by camp food when it attacked and killed a man (Image credit: Getty Images)

Horrified hikers watched as their friend was attacked and eaten by a bear. The three campers could do nothing but watch as Yevgeny Starkov was devoured by the bear.

The group had been packing up their tents when the horror incident took place in  Siberia’s Yergaki Nature Park.

The 42-year-old Russian was torn and gnawed by the bear before the three fled the scene, reportedly leaving behind their equipment including their shoes. 

The trio then walked for seven hours barefoot to raise the alarm.

Anton Shelkunov, one of the survivors, has described how the bear suddenly appeared where the friends had been camping.

Shelkunov said the creature had saliva dripping from his mouth before he roared and ran at the group. While three got away, Starkov, from Moscow, was caught by the bear. 

Park director Igor Gryazin is reported as saying: “When packing away their tent they discovered a bear. They all ran in different directions.

“An accident happened with the bear, with a deadly outcome.”

The park in the Sayan Mountains has been closed to visitors after the tragedy this month. Investigators have been unable to reach the area, which is very remote, by helicopter due to bad weather  

It’s thought the bear may have been attracted by the food at the camp. 

Fiona Russell
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