Your Garmin watch is getting 30 new activity profiles (including kayaking, at last)

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Garmin has launched a new software update for Fenix 7, Marq (Gen 2), and Epix (Gen 2) watches that adds a huge collection of new features, including 30 activity profiles. The new software is available for both standard and Pro versions of the two watches, and finally adds a dedicated option for tracking kayaking, which is long overdue.

As DC Rainmaker explains, software beta version 14.23 brings the standard watches into line with the newer Pro editions by adding tools like Hill Score and Endurance Score, which show how your ability to tackle inclines and long distances is progressing.

The non-Pro watches are also getting all the new activity profiles included with their newer counterparts, including American football, field hockey, ice hockey, soccer/football, lacrosse, rugby, ultimate, cricket, softball, archery, overland, BMX, various racket sports, and kayak (to name just a few).

Maps and more

Shaded relief maps are now available for the older watches as well, making it easier to see terrain gradients when using your watch for navigation. You can also choose to enable a weather overlay for your map, helping you prepare the proper gear before heading out (nobody wants to get caught without their running jacket when the wind picks up).

The Fenix 7 Pro and Epix Pro (Gen 2) are also getting a couple of new features, including the workouts app and gaming profile that recently rolled out for the Forerunner 255 and Forerunner 955.

To download the update, you'll need to join Garmin's public beta program, then open your watch's main menu, scroll down to 'system' and select 'check for updates'. For detailed instructions, check out the guidance on Garmin's forums.

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