Garmin announces a huge bundle of new features for your watch

Woman with trekking poles looking out at snowy mountains
The update improves tracking for several winter sports (Image credit: Garmin)

Garmin is rolling out a major software update for lots of its current watches, which will add a bundle of new features including extra tracking modes for watersports, and a new Jet Lag Adviser to help you recover from long-haul flights.

The new software is available for selected watches in the Enduro 2, Fenix 7, Marq (Gen 2), Epix (Gen 2), Instinct 2, Instinct Crossover, Quatix 7, Tactix 7, and Vivomove series.

Once it's installed, you'll find a whole set of new activity tracking options for wakesports, including water skiing, wakeboarding, wake surfing, and tubing. These won't just monitor time and heart rate, but will also detect when you're moving or waiting for the boat, and let you check stats from previous runs.

There's also an update for multi-day sail expeditions, which will automatically put your watch into a power-saving mode that turns off sensors and accessories to extend battery life, while still checking your GPS location once an hour.

For winter sports enthusiasts, there are updates to the backcountry ski and snowboard activities, which can now distinguish between descending and climbing automatically. Just start tracking and the watch will handle the rest for you.

Updates for adventurers

Campers and hikers will appreciate improvements to the sunset and sunrise widget. Not only does this show the times when the sun will rise and set, is can also display a map of the position of the sun in the sky overlaid with your own so you can understand where the sun will be at different times of day.

If your next adventure involves a long-haul flight, the new Jet Lag Adviser will help make sure your sleep and recovery gets back on track as soon as possible. Enter your trip details in the Garmin Connect app, and it will automatically create a sleep schedule and exercise suggestions to help you combat fatigue when you reach your destination,

If you own multiple Garmin devices (a Fenix 7 for workout and a Vivomove for the office, for example) then you'll be pleased to know that Physio TrueUp stats like training status, training load, and load focus will now synchronize between them. That's something I've personally found frustrating in the past when testing watches, and it's excellent to see it resolved.

Finally, owners of Vivomove Sport, Style, and Luxe devices can now get a sleep score based on the quality and quantity of their previous night's rest.

The new software will be coming to all watch owners over the coming days via the Garmin Connect mobile app. To make sure you receive it, open your watch's settings menu and make sure automatic updates are enabled. Check out your device's manual to find out exactly how to do this.

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