Garmin Forerunner 955 finally tracks running dynamics from your wrist

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Garmin has released an early beta software update for the Forerunner 955, which adds a huge bundle of new features including (at last) the ability to track running dynamics without the need for an additional sensor like a Garmin Running Dynamics Pod or HRM heart rate monitor.

As Gadgets & Wearables explains, after each run you'll now be able to see stats including vertical oscillation, real-time stride length, and real-time steps per minute. It's something Garmin watch owners have been anticipating for a long time, particularly since the same stats have been available to Apple Watch owners since the launch of watchOS 9 last year.

Software version beta 15.09 also lets you see short-term (acute) and long-term (chronic) training load ratio, helping you understand how your training load is changing over time.

You'll also get workout suggestions to help you train for upcoming cycling events, and calories should be calculated more accurately during swimming activities. See Garmin's release notes for a full list of all the changes and bug fixes.

How to get the update

Garmin recently changed the way pre-release software works to make life easier for people who want to be first to test new updates. If you've signed up to Garmin's public beta program, you'll receive software updates automatically when your watch syncs with Garmin Connect. However, until recently, if you wanted to get your hands on alpha releases, you'd have to connect your watch to your computer using a USB cable and install the files manually.

Now alpha software has been renamed early or pre-rollout beta, and if your watch has Wi-Fi connectivity (as the Forerunner 955 does), you no longer need to physically plug it in. Just search for available updates from your watch, and you'll be able to install them over the air.

Check out Garmin's forums for full instructions on installing early beta software and complete details of beta 15.09.

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