Details of special edition Garmin Porsche Epix 2 watch leak via mobile app

Garmin Porsche Epix 2
(Image credit: Garmin)

Details of an upcoming special edition Garmin watch have leaked via the official mobile app. The new watch, the Garmin Porsche Epix 2, is a collaboration between the tech brand and the luxury carmaker.

It was spotted by Reddit user WorldlySausage, and at the time of writing can be found by entering the part of the Garmin Connect app for pairing a new device, select 'Browse all compatible devices', and search for 'Epix'.

The illustration on the pairing screen shows a case with silver or gunmetal colored case (likely titanium) with black anodized screws in the lugs. The start/pause button is red, like that of the black titanium Garmin Epix 2. The watch's band appears to be black silicone (though it may be leather), with Porsche branding and a design along one edge reminiscent of tire tread. 

Garmin Porsche Epix 2 in setup menu

(Image credit: Garmin)

We can't say anything about the watch's technical specs, but its Porsche-branded default face (designed to resemble a speedometer) seems to include a tachymeter to show how fast you're traveling. This will likely be calculated using GPS data; there are several fan-made faces available via Garmin Connect IQ that work the same way.

Another thing we don't yet know is the price, but it's quite possible that it will exceed $1,000 (the price for the Epix 2 sapphire titanium models). 

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