Garmin Venu 3 box spotted in store, suggesting imminent release

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A Garmin fan has spotted a boxed Venu 3 watch in a Best Buy store, suggesting the new device is nearly ready for launch. Reddit user Kemosabi72 posted a photo of the front of the box, which had been put on display in a locked case by mistake ahead of the device's official launch.

There was no price tag on the watch, and Kemosabi72 was unable to rotate the box to see the specifications on the back, but the image on the front looks identical to the renders of the Venu 3 that leaked earlier this week.

Found this in the wild today from r/Garmin

This appears to be the 45mm version of the GPS watch, with a slate stainless steel bezel and black silicone band. Like previous watches in the Venu series it has an AMOLED touchscreen, and although we can only see the front, it clearly has three buttons on one edge like the Venu 2 Plus, one of which can be used to operate the microphone when you want to take a call or use your phone's voice assistant.

Another Reddit user reported seeing the watch in a Best Buy store priced at $450, and said they tried to buy it but the barcode wouldn't scan, but there are no photos to back this up.

We might not have to wait long for confirmation, though. I'll continue to keep an eye out for any more information and keep you updated as soon as I know more.

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