Jack Wolfskin launches new women's waterproof jacket without any seam tape

Woman hiking on snowy mountain wearing Jack Wolfskin Tapeless 2.0 jacket
(Image credit: Jack Wolfskin)

Jack Wolfskin has launched a new women's waterproof jacket that replaces the usual seam tape with a continuous membrane. 

Taped seams usually do a pretty good job of keeping out water, but they have some disadvantages. First of all, the tape and adhesive add to the weight of the jacket. Second, even when taped, seams are a potential point of failure and are the place where your waterproof jacket is most likely to spring a leak. Thirdly, taped seams can be quite bulky, and can sometimes rub when you're wearing a pack.

Jack Wolfskin's new Zero Tape tech means the sewing needle only perforates the jacket's outer fabric, not the breathable laminate on the inside. The result is a membrane layer with no perforations, which therefore needs no tape.

The Tapeless 2.0 jacket uses this technology, and is cut so that there are no seams on the shoulders or hips to avoid irritation from your hiking backpack.

The jacket's two hip pockets are raised to allow space for your pack's waist belt, and are fitted with waterproof zippers. It also has an adjustable hem and cuffs to help you get the perfect fit.

The Tapeless 2.0 jacket is available now direct from Jack Wolfskin for £400 (about $510).

Cat Ellis

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