Crocs and Marmot team up to put a new twist on an old-school hiking shoe

Marmot x Crocs Quick Trail Low
(Image credit: Crocs)

Crocs has partnered up with the outdoor gear experts at Marmot to release a new version of its retro Quick Trail hiking shoe. 

Earlier this year, models were spotted wearing bejewelled versions of the retro Crocs Quick Trail clog at the spring/summer runway show of London-based designer Simone Roche. Not long after, influencers began receiving toned-down versions of the shoe in muted shades of brown and beige.

Now, the sneakerheads at SNKRDUNK Magazine have spotted another edition of the Quick Trail, this time made in collaboration with the gear brand Marmot.

This edition, known as the Marmot x Crocs Quick Trail Low, has a more technical look with a looser mesh collar and a new drawstring closure around the top, which should help keep the shoe firmly in place during muddy and aquatic adventures. The shoe's upper is now forest green rather than brown, and the mesh is blue-gray rather than beige.

Marmot x Crocs Quick Trail Low shoe

(Image credit: Crocs)

A teaser video posted by Marmot shows the new shoe zipping through city streets on a carabiner, and preview images suggest you'll be getting the clip bundled in the shoe box (though we wouldn't use it for actual climbing).

You can register for updates on Crocs' Japanese website (it will take a few minutes for the confirmation email to come through, so be patient). International prices and release dates have yet to be announced.

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