Crocs re-releases retro hiking shoe after surprise catwalk appearance

Crocs Quicktrail shoe against faded background of hiking trail
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On May 3, Crocs is launching a new version of the Quicktrail shoe in collaboration with outdoor gear brand Marmot. The Marmot x Crocs Quick Trail Low will go on sale exclusively in Japan to begin with, and features a new engineered mesh collar with drawstring fastening.

Crocs is preparing to re-release a retro slip-on hiking shoe for 2024, after models were spotted wearing glitzy versions at this year's first fashion shows. As the fashion buffs at Highsnobiety report, bejewelled versions of the Crocs Quicktrail appeared at the spring/summer 2024 runway show of London-based designer Simone Roche.

The company then began sending out less flashy examples of the shoe to influencers, who duly posted their thoughts on Instagram. 

The new Quicktrail looks almost identical to the original shoe (still listed on Amazon, but out of stock). The only difference appears to be the color scheme, with the dark brown espresso version now seemingly featuring a beige/cream collar rather than light gray.

That collar is the Quicktrail's distinguishing feature, and is intended to give a more secure fit than the classic Crocs clog. They have the brand's distinctive ventilated upper, which means they should work well as water shoes for seaside walks, allowing water and grit to flow out easily. The original shoe also has small sections of rubber lugs on the outsole for extra purchase on slippery surfaces, though we've yet to see whether the new model has kept these intact. 

The Quicktrail received generally good reviews, with wearers praising its light weight, grip, and practicality for boating and fishing. However, there were some concerns about durability, with a small handful of reviewers noting damage after only a few wears. It may have kept the classic look, but perhaps Crocs has made some tweaks to improve the new Quicktrail's longevity.

We don't yet have a launch date or price, but the original Quicktrail retailed on Amazon for $69.99.

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