Black Friday is over, but you can still save 50% in Patagonia's sale

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now a fading memory, but you can still get a great deal on outdoor clothing and gear at Patagonia, with up to 50% off. Patagonia doesn't do Black Friday, instead encouraging you to get outside and spend time in nature after Thanksgiving, which means it's not confined by the usual sale dates.

Patagonia's Web Specials (opens in new tab) run all year round, but the company has recently added a bundle of extra clothing and gear, with some 287 items now steeply discounted. Offers include the Patagonia Men's Isthmus Utility Jacket, which is now less than half price at $93.99 (opens in new tab), and the Women's Granite Quest Pants, which are $100 off at $108.99 (opens in new tab).

 We don't know how long these deals will last – Patagonia's website only says "until the event ends" – so if you see something that you need, it's probably best to order it sooner rather than later.

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Men's Patagonia deals

$219 (opens in new tab)

Men's Granite Crest Pants: $219 $108.99 at Patagonia (opens in new tab)
Save $110.01 These three-layer hiking pants are great for wet and wintry adventures, and are made from ripstop fabric that uses material recovered from discarded fishing nets. They have a PFC-free DWR coating, and are sewn by workers paid a fair wage.

$189 (opens in new tab)

Men's Isthmus Utility Jacket: $189 $93.99 at Patagonia (opens in new tab)
Save $95.01 This great-looking jacket with a DWR coating is ideal for spring and fall weather, keeping you warm and shrugging off showers. It features drawstrings at the hem and hood to keep it in place when the wind picks up.

$119 (opens in new tab)

Men's Reversible Shearling Fleece Crew: $119 $58.99 at Patagonia (opens in new tab)
Save $60.01 Feeling the chill? This cozy sweatshirt is made from micro-pile fleece that traps air and keeps you as warm as possible. It's less than half price in Patagonia's Web Specials. so grab it while you can.

$79 (opens in new tab)

Men's Line Logo Ridge Stripe Uprisal Hoody: $79 $38.99 at Patagonia (opens in new tab)
Save $40.01 This warm hooded sweater (in a tasteful shade of taupe) is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles and fabric scraps. It's also sewn by workers who are paid a fair wage for their work, and is less than half price in the Web Specials sale.

$65 (opens in new tab)

Men's Capilene Cool Daily Graphic Hoody: $65 $31.99 at Patagonia (opens in new tab)
Save $33.01 This fun lightweight hoodie is perfect for those hikes when it's just a little too chilly for a T-shirt, but a fleece would be overkill. It comes in two colors, and most sizes are still in stock at the time of writing.

$39 (opens in new tab)

Men's P-6 Logo Responsibili-Tee: $39 $18.99 at Patagonia (opens in new tab)
Save $20.01 This good-looking T-shirt comes in a whole rainbow of colors, and is made using recycled fabric scraps and plastic bottles rather than virgin material. It has the lowest carbon footprint of any Patagonia T-shirt, and is less than half price in the Web Specials sale.

Women's Patagonia deals

$219 (opens in new tab)

Women's Granite Crest Pants: $219 $108.99 at Patagonia (opens in new tab)
Save $110.01 These rugged rain pants should last for years of wet weather hikes. They're made using recycled discarded fishing nets, and finished with a DWR coating. One of the biggest savings at Patagonia right now, and still available in most sizes at the time of writing.

$149 (opens in new tab)

Women's Classic Retro-X Fleece Vest: $149 $73.99 at Patagonia (opens in new tab)
Save $75.01 This snug fleece vest is made from 100% recycled polyester, with a brushed polyester mesh lining that provides a windproof layer to keep you warm. Like many of the garments in Patagonia's Web Specials, it's now less than half price.

$79 (opens in new tab)

Women's Porch Song Dress: $79 $38.99 at Patagonia (opens in new tab)
Save $40.01 This lightweight summer dress is made from a mix of organic cotton and spandex for a flattering fit. It'll keep you cool traveling, or for a spot of light hiking during the warmer months (which will be back before you know it!)

$45 (opens in new tab)

Women's Capilene Cool Daily Graphic Shirt: $45 $21.99 at Patagonia (opens in new tab)
Save $23.01 I have this exact shirt, and I can vouch for its performance for running, hiking, and just general wear. It's made using recycled polyester that wicks sweat, dries fast, and washes like a dream.

$35 (opens in new tab)

Women's Capilene Cool Trail Tank Top: $35 $16.99 at Patagonia (opens in new tab)
Save $18.01 Another great buy for the warmer months, this light tank top is made from soft technical fabric that wicks moisture when the temperature rises. It's made using at least 50% recycled material, too.

Also take a look at Patagonia's Worn Wear preloved clothing (opens in new tab), which has seen some action already but is ready to tackle plenty more adventures. There are some great deals to be had, and you can check the condition of gear before you buy.

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