Strava introduces in-app messaging to keep your club in touch

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Strava has just launched a new messaging platform, letting you connect with other athletes one-on-one, or in groups, sharing tips, co-ordinating activities, and exchanging routes.

The first version of messaging, available now, lets you send direct and group messages. Your app's default settings will be based on your profile visibility, but you can adjust them to decide who can invite you to a group message or message you directly ('following', 'mutuals', or 'no one').

From early next year you'll also be able to start conversations on specific topics within your Strava Clubs, share photos within messages (great for showing off your latest race bling), and share links to clubs, post, and events within messages.

Messaging in the Strava mobile app

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You might sigh at the thought of yet another messaging platform, but I can see Strava's new service being very useful. My running club currently uses workplace favorite Slack to co-ordinate events, which mostly works well (it's good for arranging lifts to races, sharing photos from group runs, and giving members and leaders their own spaces to chat) but also has drawbacks.

Sharing GPX routes is a particular nuisance, but a necessary one when taking members out on a new route. Most of us use Garmin watches, but not all, meaning Garmin Connect isn't feasible. However, most of us (Apple, Garmin, Polar and Coros users alike) are on Strava, so using it for messaging makes a lot of sense, and would avoid the need for new members to install and get to grips with a new app.

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