This Lego G-Shock Mudmaster field watch looks almost as tough as the real thing

Lego Casio G-Shock Mudmaster watch concept
(Image credit: Pedro Jimenez / Lego)

A Lego fan has combined his love of the plastic construction toy with his passion for field watches to create a version of the Casio G-Shock Mudmaster fashioned from the little bricks – and now he wants your help to make it a reality.

Lego Ideas is a website that allows people to submit their concepts for Lego construction kits, which they can build using real bricks of a virtual tool. Members of the public can vote for their favorite ideas, and if they receive enough support, there's a chance that their concepts could be turned into actual kits. One of the most recent successes is a set based on The Office, with 15 minifig characters.

Pedro Jimenez decided to think on a smaller scale for his submission, and created a very convincing Lego replica of the G-Shock Mudmaster complete with a stand and replacement strap. 

"I am fascinated with G-Shock watches series, in particular with Mudmaster ones because they are the perfect combination of toughness, elegance, bulkiness and precision that resembles very well any Lego creation," sad Jiminez. "Detailing the original watch design, it is appreciable block structure and several layers of materials that make very easy to think of Lego."

Although it's not a functional timepiece, turning the 'crown' on the side of the case causes the hands to rotate. If you'd like to see it become a real set, you can cast your vote on the Lego Ideas site.

Cat Ellis

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