Three mysterious new Garmin watches appear on government website

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Three new Garmin watches have appeared on the website of the Singaporean Telecoms Licensing System (TLS), suggesting they'll soon be ready to launch globally. We don't yet know the names of the new devices, but their similar ID numbers suggest that they're likely to be variants of the same model.

Any device that's capable of sending and receiving wireless communications (whether by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE or any other system) must be tested and signed off by government agencies before it can be sold. This testing makes sure that it complies with all local laws, and won't interfere with communications from emergency services or air traffic control.

Most countries keep this data under wraps, but a few, including the TLS in Singapore and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the US publish lists of recently approved devices, which can give us an insight into upcoming releases.

The anonymous author of the5krunner has recently spotted three new Garmin multisport GPS sports watches on the TLS website, with the ID codes A04452, A04453, and A04458. These may be different sizes (such as a regular size version, a smaller 'S' model, and a larger 'X' model), or different specifications with optional extras like music or solar charging.

The fact that there are three versions makes me wonder whether this might be another release in the Forerunner series. It seems too soon for Garmin to release a Forerunner 65 or 265 (the Forerunner 55 and 255 are less than two years old), but a Forerunner 755 is definitely a possibility. If it follows the pattern set by previous watches, this would be a very similar watch to the Forerunner 955, but lighter and smaller.

What else is new?

These three mystery devices aren't the only new Garmin watches we're expecting to see arriving on our wrists very soon. On December 30, another wearable was given the green light by the FCC for sale in the US.

Again, details are scant, but the testing documentation published by the FCC suggests that this watch will be supplied with both silicone and resin bands, which implies that it might be a premium model along the lines of the Garmin Marq Aviator.

We're keeping our ear to the ground, and will bring you more information as soon as we have it.

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