CimAlp bandana review: a comfortable tubular bandana that can be worn as a headwear or neckwear

The CimAlp bandana is a versatile, multifunctional piece of headwear that performs well in all conditions

CimAlp bandana
(Image: © CimAlp)

Advnture Verdict

A mega versatile piece of running apparel, which can be worn to keep your extremities warm, or to protect you from the elements.


  • +


  • +


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    Lots of uses

  • +

    Good price

  • +

    Plenty of colors


  • -

    Thin fabric with low thermal properties

  • -

    Pattern only one-sided

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First impressions

A bandana, also commonly called a buff, is a versatile tubular product favored by many trail runners because of its multifunctionality. They can be worn in myriad ways to warm your neck or ears, or keep hair and sweat out of your face, or the sun off your head, or sand/snow/rain/germs/halitosis away from your mouth and nose. It's for this reason that they're so prominent on our list of the best running hats and worth adding to your collection of trail running essentials.   

The CimAlp version of this apparel is particularly lovely to wear, being lightweight, soft and breathable, as well as super soft and very stretchy. Raw edges aim to maximise the stretch, and it can be twisted and folded to be worn as headwear, a neck-warmer, a wristband or a balaclava. That stretch also allows it to fit snugly over a pair of trail running sunglasses, holding them in place.

It is also seamless, which adds to the comfort. The thin nature of the microfibre polyester fabric means it can be folded multiple times. The CimAlp bandana is sold in a range of different colors and designs, all with the large CimAlp logo printed on the outside.


RRP: £12.90 (UK)
Style: Tubular bandana
Gender specificity: Unisex
Sizes: One size
Average weight: 27g / 0.95oz
Materials: thin microfiber polyester fabric
Colors: Navy blue / Red / Grey / Black / Green / Sky blue / Multi  
Compatibility: Trail running and hiking 

On the trails

This is such a soft and stretchy tube of fabric. It is lovely – and very easy – to wear. It can be folded as many times as you wish to create more, or less, of a barrier from the wind, sun or cold.

The patterns and designs are varied and look good. It would be great if there were two sides to the pattern, but this is a small criticism. The fabric is quite thin, too, but I think this is because it is stretchy. In any case, it is not a major issue.

The tube is very versatile, as it can be worn as headwear or around the neck. I am not too sure why you would need to use it as a wristband (why do you need to wrap a buff around the wrist?!) but I have used it many times as a makeshift face mask during Covid restrictions.

The more you wash it, the softer it becomes, to the extent the CimAlp buff has become my favorite of all my dozens of buffs. I wear it during winter to keep my ears warm and in summer to keep the sun off my forehead and the sweat out of my eyes.

Woman wearing the CimAlp bandana

Wearing the CimAlp bandana on a hike (Image credit: Fiona Russell)
Fiona Russell
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