Decathlon Forclaz Trek 100 hiking boot review

The Decathlon Forclaz Trek 100s are pocket-friendly, fuss-free walking boots for more casual use

Decathlon Forclaz Trek 100
(Image: © Decathlon)

Advnture Verdict

A very pocket-friendly choice for casual or new-to-the-trails walkers, and a decent second option if you already own a more rugged and expensive technical boot that’s capable of hoofing at a higher level.


  • +

    Great value for money

  • +

    Waterproof enough to wear in rain

  • +

    Decent grip


  • -

    Not waterproof enough for prolonged bad weather use

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First impressions

Decathlon’s hiking boots offer some of the best value for money around, and these no-nonsense boots are our top pick from their women’s walking boot range.

The Decathlon Forclaz Trek 100 has a built-in waterproof membrane that we found offered enough protection from steady rain on shorter hikes or dog walks, and the good-looking leather outer material punches above its price point when it comes to suppleness and comfort.

A padded neck offers a nice sock-like fit around the ankles, and the soles offer good enough grip to see you through walks on flatter terrain in fair or foul weather.

The Forclaz Trek 100 isn’t the most breathable boot we tested, and your feet would definitely overheat on a blazing summer’s day, but for a smidge under £60/$90, they offer great value for money for cooler weather adventures.


RRP: $90 (US) / £60 (UK)
Weight (per boot): 502g /1lb 1.7oz
Materials: Leather and PU upper; Polyester lining; Thermoplastic Polyurethane sole
Colours: Brown
Compatibility: A great first walking boot for day hikes and country bimbles

In the field

We tested the Forclaz Trek 100 from spring to autumn on trails and more relaxed path walking in the UK and Europe. It’s definitely not the most breathable boot we tested, and your feet would overheat on a blazing summer’s day, but it can certainly contend with more expensive casual boots in cooler weather. 

We reckon that on walks under the 10-mile mark the Forclaz is comfortable, bouncy despite its heftier weight, and rainproof enough that you don’t need to worry if the heavens open. There’s a nice flex to the design, and the boots feel like they mold to your feet over time. 

Get a grip

Grip is decent on well-made paths, but didn’t cut the mustard when we ventured onto slippy rock or tougher surfaces such as scree. We rated the cuffs on test, which are comfortable and really hug your ankles, with good laces that you can strap up tightly to two top hooks to offer good support.

For the lightweight pricetag, Decathlon’s Forclaz offers great value for money for cooler weather adventures – this a good casual boot to choose if you already own a more technical mountain-bound boot. 

Sian Lewis

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