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Montane Iridium Beanie Hat review: a fleecy warm beanie for colder weather running

Lightweight and comfortable, the Montane Iridium Beanie is a hat that’s great for cool-weather hikes and trail runs

Montane Iridium Beanie
(Image: © Montane)

Our Verdict

A large size beanie that is easy and comfortable to wear on colder days.


  • Warm
  • Lightweight
  • Roomy fit


  • A bit long
  • No reflective detail
  • Limited color choice

Montane Iridium Beanie: first impressions 

The lightweight Montane Iridium Beanie (one of our Best running hats choices) is designed for use in the colder months, or chilly morning running escapades in less temperate areas. So it is constructed from Montane’s Bluesign-approved Tecnostretch material, which they enthusiastically report as their answer to the market request for ‘fabrics with a technical outer surface, high elasticity and high thermal insulation’. 

The jersey fabric has a smooth outer side, which means it is less likely to pile and should be more resistant to abrasion. The wide hem is double thickness and gives more protection over the ears. The aim of the jersey fabric is to be light and soft, but at the same time offer a high thermal insulation.


RRP: £20 (UK)
Style: Beanie
Gender specificity: Unisex
Average weight: 30g / 1.06oz
Materials: Tecnostretch
Colors: Saskatoon Berry / Black
Compatibility: Winter trail running and hiking 

On the trails 

A simple beanie for days when temperatures drop on the trail, the Montane Iridium is lightweight and fairly warming. It’s not super warm, but when I am running I like a bit of breathability and breeze because my head often feels hot (see also: Why you should pack a hat next time you head outdoors).

The wide hem is double thickness and gives more protection over the ears. If you want full-on protection from freezing winds, however, I suggest you will need to wear an extra layer along with this beanie. We were testing the hats in Scotland, however, and for most cooler and breezier days, it’s a good choice.

The fleece lining is soft and the fit is roomy. One gripe: it would be great if they made a female and a male fit, or a smaller and larger fit. I found the beanie was a tad too tall/long.

The fleece inner is comfy and the smoother outer means the beanie will not pile, so it should look good for longer. The color choice is limited, though, and it would be better if Montane had added some reflective detailing for safety when running on lanes and roads during the months when mornings and evenings can be dark (see also: How to go night walking: top tips on how to enjoy an after-dark adventure).